Friday, 5 October 2012

The Most Important Meal of the Day....Apparently!

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- 'Absolute Nut' bars and 'Super Berry Country Crisp' courtesy of Jordan's

Ever since I was a platinum blonde young whippersnapper, it was nailed into me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. The thing that intrigues me about breakfast is the whole performance side of it; the freshly laid table, the sleepy faces and the tea stained broadsheets masking said faces. My grandparents were all ones for investing great time and care into our shared breakfasts at the table. Mama's parents would lay on bacon sandwiches and unsugared Cornflakes followed by a few rounds of home made jam smothered toast, whilst Dad's parents would serve muesli followed by loaves of toast with bramble and apple jellies. Both breakfast times would be accompanied by varied conversation, from my Grandad's hilariously inappropriate morning singsongs, which I won't repeat here, to the forced recitals of our nine times table. I'm extremely lucky that I have such fond memories to look back on.

However, over the past few years, I've let breakfast fall by the wayside. I've always got other things to do, or I wake up too late or I just don't want a bowl of soggy cereal shoved down my gullet just after I've managed to deal with the trauma of waking up. Furthermore, lets not forget that cereal always tastes better late at night. 'Proper' breakfast is now resigned to birthdays and Christmas: mine is a smoked salmon with scrambled egg, fyi. 

Lately, things have changed around here. Luke and I have swapped our occasional milk soaked Weetabix for Jordan's 'Super Berry Country Crisp', a flavoursome bowl of sweetness that could convince any non-breakfast eater. Granola is always a winner in my eyes and the berries add a refreshing sourness to the bowl. I've been swapping milk for greek yoghurt and it's absolutely delicious! They also very kindly sent us someone of their 'Absolute Nut' bars. Unfortunately, I'm not really meant to eat nuts but Luke willingly took on the challenge of finishing off the pack. His opinion? 'They live up to their name; they're extremely nutty! Therefore, the bars weren't entirely to my taste; but not bad for a little lift if you're in a rush come breakfast time or if you need a little help throughout the day'. I have to say, I really liked the packaging and the branding, in general, eye catching yet appropriate. 

I've decided that I'm definitely going to make more of an effort where breakfast is concerned, in the hope that we will create breakfast memories of our own. Thanks Jordans! Where do you stand when it comes to breakfast: the most important meal of the day or a little bit meh? Leave me some breakfast inspiration in the comments, I need all the help I can get! I'm off to sit down and write this week's creative piece. Have a good weekend! 

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  1. Mmm the cereal looks delicious x

  2. I can never eat breakfast, I just seem to chew and chew and nothing happens. It makes me feel a bit sick eating too early in the morning!

  3. I love breakfast. I've become quite fond of porridge, which makes me look a lot healthier, I've found. But for groggy (or hungover) mornings, nothing quite beats a toasted bacon bagel. It is divine.

  4. I got these sent to me too and I loved my breakfast/snack time for a week!!!! I was ultra impressed with the bars because, they really are nutty! WHOLE HAZELNUTS N EVERyFIN!!I dont usually like cereal bars either, but these really were perfect! xxxx

  5. I just love your writing style, I think you could writing about absolutely anything and I'd still be engrossed! I'm never one to usually eat breakfast, sometimes I will now and again but throughout my school life I generally skipped it in favour for an extra 5-10 minutes in bed. I do love Jordan's cereal though, my boyfriend always has some of the cereal bars floating around his uni house, which are nice for a mid-morning snack if not actual breakfast! xx

  6. i always have to eat tons for breakfast or i just feel really hungry all day. these days i normally go for golden syrup flavour weetabix or porridge with fruit. i do love jordans cereals though, especially the strawberry country crisp xx

  7. I love breakfast but the only thing I fancy in the mornings are Waffles smothered in Nutella! Perfect with a cuppa tea! xo

  8. I used to be terrible for breakfast, always preferring ten more minutes in bed, but have gotten better. One thing I've realised, is personally, it's better to spend more on something that is convenient, and/or something I know I will want and enjoy, than to penny pinch, because it will inevitably lead to me not bothering. This winter I'm going to give instant porridge a go, but most recent choices have been crumpets and natural yoghurt with a few (frozen) berries mixed through and 'breakfast biscuits'- prepped the night before in a ready to go container in case I'm running late (or more usually can't get into the kitchen because Dad is fannying about...)

  9. Jordans cereal is the best!


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