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A Day in the Life of Bee

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Little bits of planning and writing, puppy sitting, nap time and consultation of the 'To Do' list. 

One thing I love about reading blogs on a daily basis is that I can get an insight into a variety of people's lives, from the fellow bumpkins in the shire to the ladies living it up in the big cities. With this in mind, I thought I'd show you an ordinary day in my household. On this particular day, I was venturing from Luke's to the peace and quiet of my Grandma's house. 

The day started at around 9am, followed by a shower to wake me up properly for the day. The last day of August then consisted of: eating, blog post planning, writing, puppy sitting, chilling in the garden, magazine reading, a change of outfits, finishing off a novel, murder mysteries with Grandma and a chilled out face mask. 

Friday was just an ordinary day but a pretty lovely one all the same. 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. Looks like a wonderful day! Gorgeous photos. Now when I'm back in school all my days will look the same. Ughh! Have a great day Bee :)x

  2. Great post I really like the photos they're very personal.

  3. I feel like the north east is cursed, we've had like 4 days of sun this Summer (I may be exaggerating there..)! I love these kind of posts, firstly because I'm a nosey cow and like to look into people's lives, and because I love the pictures that accompany the post! :) xx

  4. Love this post, its nice to have a little nosy in on someone else's day! Love your floral top. x

  5. Love this post :) I really love the photo with the two computers, completely sums up modern day life! xx

  6. I'd love to see more of these posts (mainly because I'm extremely nosey)! The weather in England has been so beautiful these past few days, not a cloud in the sky where I live!

    Charlotte xo

  7. Aw I love this post, it's so sweet :) Your photos are lovely, and it sounds like the perfect relaxing day. I love your shorts, the colour is fantastic!

  8. Oh the glimpses of the garden you give are so lovely. Cannot wait to make ours all pretty for next summer!

  9. Aw lovely photos! That puppy is adorable x

  10. Glad your day was so chilled out! Such lovely pictures and productiveness!

    Been busy starting University and getting used to student with a job life ha ha!

    Love those face masks my fav is the honey version! :3

  11. Lovely photos! I love these types of posts, I'm so so nosey! xxx

  12. Mmmm that fry up looks amazing!! Seems like you had a beautiful day! :) Xx

  13. Mhhhm, I really want some fruit after seeing these pictures, haha! Great post!

    Natalie xx

  14. gorgeous photos <3 xx

  15. I love ordinary days! Especially after a busy period or time away from home. It feels good to just wake up and know the day is yours

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  16. I really adore your blog, one of my favourite reads!



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