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Featured: Aesthetic Magazine

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When the ever beautiful powerhouse that is Michelle got in contact with me regarding featuring in her latest issue of 'Aesthetic' magazine, I quite literally let out a high pitched squeal and replied with 'HELL YES!'. 

Aesthetic magazine is a little labour of love and the girls behind the scenes hail it as: 'the young feminine professionals’ magazine with distinctive fashion flair. Created for the educated, stylish and creative graduate, Aesthetic aims to ensure that the Aesthetic reader conquers the working world, one Louboutin-heeled step at a time'.


Full to the brim with savvy style diaries, eclectic articles and beautiful illustrations, Aesthetic has pretty much got all you could ever want or need from an ultimate lazy afternoon supplement. I just love how it's all about showcasing individual talent, not about bashing it or questioning it. I was lucky enough to showcase my own 'things that make me happy' feature, in which I list all the things that put a smile on my face. 

For this particular issue, I opted for a completely misjudged 'summer' theme; I'm hoping people still appreciated it regardless of the fact that the UK hasn't exactly been gifted with good weather recently! I'm so pleased with how my article turned out - Ella's illustrations, as ever, are remarkably beautiful and take the feature to a whole new level. I also love how everyone had space to write their own little list. Let me know what would be on your list right now in the comments below! 


I'd just like to thank: Michelle, for giving me this amazing opportunity and Ella, for her beautiful illustrations that accompany my list.

If you would like to read more about my work, you can do so. 



  1. Amazing achievement and such lovely illustrations. Enjoy your takeaway! x

  2. I have heard many a-good thing about Aesthetic Magazine, and couldn't wait to see the little articles and shoots all compiled together... This has just increased my longing for a copy now!

    Best Wishes,


  3. The magazine looks lovely! And congratulations on being featured :D x

    1. the finished product looks amazing! it has sold out now though :( x

  4. It all looks so beautiful in print- congratulations Bee! xx

  5. Your words together with Ella's Illustrations worked together beautifully! I think your double page spread was definitely one of my favourites! :)


  6. Thank you so much for contributing, Bee, and for writing such a heartwarming post. I'm still completely in shock that I managed to get another issue out! I'll be in touch really soon about the next edition (: xxxxx

  7. Congratulations Bee. Looks like a great post. Unfortunately it's sold out now so I didn't get a copy but I think I'll definitely have a look next time around.

    Endometriosis my life with you

  8. Congrats! Looks like an amazing magazine, and you sure do deserve it.

    Natalie xx

  9. Congrats on being featured! Lovely photos :)

  10. Oh wow congratulations! The magazine looks stunning, need to add that to my list of things to buy
    Nina from little nomad

  11. Well done you! I'd never even heard of this but it definitely looks exciting :) xx

  12. Congratulations it looks great!!

  13. this looks beautiful! congrats on being featured x

  14. this is amazing :) congrats x


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