Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Autumnal Princess Dress


Spotty Frill Detail Sleeveless Dress, Dahlia

Tomorrow sees the start of my autumn semester at university. My life concerns have already shifted from what biscuit I want to eat next, to hours spent thumbing page markers onto books, sifting through lecture slides and making note after note on the key features of Romanticism. I'm really excited to get back into the swing of things though as it reminds me of how far I've come since my diagnosis, whilst also reminding me of how much more I've yet to get off my ass and achieve. 

Life, in general, has been pretty nice of late. The beautiful Lyzi came to stay over at our little studio the other night and it was pretty lovely indeed. We ate yummy Thai food before enjoying a lot of laughter at the hands of the disco room. We hit the jackpot and stumbled across a very intense mover; I went with my instinct and enjoyed a dance to Livin' La Vida Loca with him whilst Lyzi pissed herself from the sidelines. We also deployed a few of our own moves to the sound of The Backstreet Boys and B*Witched, to name but a couple. Naturally, we spent the next day slumped in bed eating pastry and watching a few episodes of our beloved Dexter. Perfection, eh?! LOVE YOU, GRANDMA.

This dress, for me, encompasses the perfect blend of autumnal princess yet slumberous Sunday comfort due to its pretty detailing combined with its forgiving netting petticoat. As ever, I'm looking for ways to style this now that the autumn nights are drawing in. What do you think? How would you wear this dress? I'm planning on buying a smaller belt to wear with it but otherwise I am stuck for inspiration! Can we all just take a second to appreciate the last photograph please....LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE! JUST LOOK AT IT! I die

I'm off to read 'The Sorrows of Young Werther' and send a few disgruntled emails to the I.T department because the system is still down. Good luck to all of my readers who just so happen to be attending their first day of university/first day of term tomorrow! Let me know how you're spending your Sunday in the comments below! 



Wednesday, 19 September 2012

50 Things To Do When You're Bored

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We all get bored from time to time. Here are 50 things to do when you're bored. Enjoy!

one. make playlist of your favourite songs and play it loud

two. create a duvet fort or wrap yourself up in blankets
three. have a big cry, if you need to
four. settle down with a book or magazine
five. write someone a letter and send it off
six. do something selfless 
seven. have a nap
eight. write some blackout poetry
nine. make a mixed tape or CD or digital download/playlist complete with cover art
ten. put on something comfy, brush your hair and wash your face

eleven. get outdoors, if possible 
twelve. start a DIY project
thirteen. plan something
fourteen. write your own things that make me happy list
fifteen. do some wreck this journal pages or, if you don't own one, create your own
sixteen. go to a charity shop or car boot sale with a fiver and see what you can buy
seventeen. explore your local area as if you were a tourist
eighteen. set yourself some goals
nineteen. tick something off of your to do list
twenty. create a wishlist

twenty one. check out a new-to-you TV show or film
twenty two.  ...or refer to old favourites
twenty three. make and eat some comforting food
twenty four. play a game of some sort
twenty five. wear your favourite outfit 
twenty six. make plans with someone
twenty seven. write some twitterfiction
twenty eight. write a blog post
twenty nine. bake and try your efforts!
thirty. tidy your room so that you have a space to chill in

thirty one.  soak yourself in the bath or shower

thirty two.  find yourself a pen or email pal
thirty three. marathon some murder mysteries and try and guess who ~dunnit~
thirty four. have a long nourishing lunch
thirty five. learn a new skill 
thirty six.  flip through old photographs
thirty seven.  go to the cinema - snacks are essential 
thirty eight. do something entirely chilled out, be it meditation or cloud watching
thirty nine. make some fancy drinks
forty. as my dad would say, go for a stroll

forty one. order some food in

forty two. plan your next project
forty three. take a trip to the seaside 
forty four. do some virtual window shopping
forty five. start a new notebook 
forty six. take a photo an hour and create your own photo diary of your day
forty seven. recommend things that you love to other people 
forty eight. have a social media clear out 
forty nine. do something to cheer someone up 
fifty. go on an adventure somewhere

If you'd like to scroll through all of my advice posts then you can do so.


Monday, 17 September 2012

Our New Abode & An Update

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As you may know, I am now safe and sound in my adopted county of Devon. We returned to a newly refurbished flat, complete with a new open plan kitchen and delectable storage solutions! It felt a little bit like an episode of 'Changing Rooms' when I walked in expecting to see all the old furnishings - can't say I caught a glimpse of Handy Andy and his MDF though ;) 

We celebrated our first night in Devon with a few rounds of pool with friends, complete with free nachos and coming fifth in the weekly quiz (disappointing!). It's early days but this term is shaping up to be rather lovely indeed. I've got quite a few errands to run today, from booking appointments to skyping my Mamabear to show her the new flat! Tonight sees the start of 'Freshers Week' so I'm sure it'll involve lots of drinking (not on my teetotal behalf), a mass queue of lost looking first years and a chance to display a few of my moves in the disco room. As things are all a bit hectic over here at chez Vivatramp, I thought I'd share a few little snapshots of our new abode. I may show you a little more once we've completely sorted the place! 

I'm off to do a food shop for things for tonight's 'Ham, Leek and Mushroom Fusilli' dish! I'll be back soon with a bumper list
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Pretty and Pink Dress

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With its dusky pink hue, dainty pleats and pearl detailling, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I looked like a meadow princess. Ahem! This dress quite possibly works miracles: when it's not out saving the world, it's making me feel like a million pennies. Even though the winter months are drawing in, I'm still planning on getting a lot of wear out of this pastel beauty. I'm picturing suspender tights and a hat of some description or knee high socks and some sort of strappy shoe. I also need to remember to pick up a more colour appropriate belt to wear with it! How would you wear it for A/W? Leave me some styling ideas in the comments section! 

Usually, this sort of style of dress, with a high line above my boobies, doesn't work for me but I'm kind of embracing the silhouette it gives me - interestingly top heavy and hippy but still quite alluring. Unfortunately, I was blessed with a huge back and a wacking great pair of hips. However, I've come to realise that these can be good things and I kinda feel like that when I wear this beauty. It felt so wonderfully strange to take these photographs too. Maybe I should break out of my comfort zone more often?! (Or not, as the case may be....) I'm off to re-cooperate after this weekend's antics 



Friday, 7 September 2012

A Day in the Life of Bee

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How To Live With Your Partner

how to live with your partner list advice

I live with my boyfriend in a teeny tiny 'studio' flat. Ever since we moved in together, friends asked how I have found it and how we managed to live with one another's bad habits. As we approach our second university year living together, I thought I'd give you a few tips as to how to co-exist successfully and safely i.e without killing one another! 

This is in no way me trying to dictate to you how you must live your life; these are simply things that I have learnt along the way and thought I would share with others in case it interests/amuses them. Naturally, Luke and I's findings may be completely different to yours. If you've got something to add or share, why not do so in the comments section below! Here are my tips regarding how to live with your partner:

It can be so tempting (and remarkably easy) to live as one entity once you move in with someone: you eat together and sleep together so why not spend every waking moment together?! Don't - you will want to kill each other! Go out with your separate friends and have a days/nights out away from each other. It'll only make you appreciate each other more and will give you things to discuss. I often take myself off for little jaunts along the hoe and off for shopping trips with friends and Luke often wanders over to his friends' place. You both need to have your own space in order to stop yourself feeling a little suffocated and it's healthier for you to have your own independence too!

2. appreciate one another's hobbies 
I blog, write and read a lot; he reads Game of Thrones, follows technology and loves gaming. We both make time to talk to one another about the things we love and I adore that tolerance and appreciation we share for one another's interests. I'm pretty savvy when it comes to the latest movie releases and advances in gaming and he's pretty savvy when it comes to the goings on over here at Little V. It's a pretty perfect balance, even if I do say so myself. Take time to let each other ramble on - you'll feel pretty good about it and you'll forever ace Mr and Mrs style quizzes. It's also a pretty good thing to do to gain inspiration for future birthdays/surprise gifts.

3. don't be afraid to argue
It's not always shits and giggles; in fact, moving in with someone you love can be extremely difficult at times. What's important is to ensure that the arguments are short lived and that you can forgive. Feel free to shout at each other, call each other silly names and rip your hair out because if you keep it all in, you will have a really bad outburst one day that you really don't mean but really can't help. Like any couple, Luke and I have petty squabbles but we try to resolve the situation before we leave the topic altogether - that way you won't have to deal with the cold shoulder for a whole evening!

4. don't wait to be asked 
When you live together, you begin to appreciate the small things that someone else will do for you without prior discussion. I can be so guilty of this one - I find myself getting so wrapped up in my work and writing that I sometimes forget to tend to those dishes on the sideboard or sort through the washing. It all sounds so petty because they're such small things to get wound up about but when you live together, it really is the little things that you will appreciate being sorted the most. I'm making it my goal this autumn to be a little more attentive when it comes to housework and life outside my head, in general. 

5. make sure your space represents the both of you 
One thing I particularly like about mine and Luke's relationship is that we both have extremely different passions and likes. This comes across particularly well in the way we decorate our little space. I think it's pretty cool that Luke and I balance his love for superhero goodies with my extensive amount of books. How does it benefit living together harmoniously, you may ask? I think it helps to have your own things around you when you're feeling a little bit stressed and/or wish to chill out and, therefore, has a lasting effect on each other's mood. 

6. accept their bad habits 
I'm pretty sure if you asked Luke what my bad habits were he'd be able to give you a list that was longer than the dictionary and I'm pretty sure I could rattle of things that really grind my gears about Luke (read: leaving his pants outside the bathroom door whilst he showers). In order to co-exist, you need to acknowledge these bad habits, be silently annoyed at them and then learn to accept them. No one is perfect all the bloody time and, quite frankly, if you don't get over it you will end up ripping your hair out on a daily basis! 

7. don't stagnate 
When you live together, your whole world can sometimes be confined to those four walls and you'll find yourself settling in to some pretty bad relationship habits. To avoid becoming reclusive, make sure you go out try new things and still continue to have adventures. The easiest way to do this, if you're both particularly busy, is to nominate a weekly/monthly date night. Go out for a meal or take a boat trip somewhere, or just have a walk, the possibilities are endless and you'll both appreciate getting out and about with one another.  

8. have fun! 
You're about to have a completely new and fun experience so don't worry unnecessarily and enjoy yourself! Luke and I have some of the best times together in our flat, acting silly and dancing to music in our pants. Yes, dancing to music in our pants. We have a billion inside jokes and regularly lie down and people watch from our big window and, to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my advice posts then you can do so.


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Featured: Aesthetic Magazine

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When the ever beautiful powerhouse that is Michelle got in contact with me regarding featuring in her latest issue of 'Aesthetic' magazine, I quite literally let out a high pitched squeal and replied with 'HELL YES!'. 

Aesthetic magazine is a little labour of love and the girls behind the scenes hail it as: 'the young feminine professionals’ magazine with distinctive fashion flair. Created for the educated, stylish and creative graduate, Aesthetic aims to ensure that the Aesthetic reader conquers the working world, one Louboutin-heeled step at a time'.


Full to the brim with savvy style diaries, eclectic articles and beautiful illustrations, Aesthetic has pretty much got all you could ever want or need from an ultimate lazy afternoon supplement. I just love how it's all about showcasing individual talent, not about bashing it or questioning it. I was lucky enough to showcase my own 'things that make me happy' feature, in which I list all the things that put a smile on my face. 

For this particular issue, I opted for a completely misjudged 'summer' theme; I'm hoping people still appreciated it regardless of the fact that the UK hasn't exactly been gifted with good weather recently! I'm so pleased with how my article turned out - Ella's illustrations, as ever, are remarkably beautiful and take the feature to a whole new level. I also love how everyone had space to write their own little list. Let me know what would be on your list right now in the comments below! 


I'd just like to thank: Michelle, for giving me this amazing opportunity and Ella, for her beautiful illustrations that accompany my list.

If you would like to read more about my work, you can do so. 

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