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When Bee Went to Scotland PART TWO

1 tala dam uk scotland things to see travel blog uk.
The eagle eyed readers amongst you will see that this is part two of my Scottish photo diaries; 

Hello everyone! As promised, here's part two of my Scotland photo diaries. We wisely spent our time there taking in the breathtaking views, embracing time with the family, celebrating my niece's fifth birthday, eating an array of amazing food, kicking Scrabble's bottom and browsing the best bookshop on earth. Thanks for all your amazing comments on part one, Luke and I are rather humbled!

2 uk lifestyle blog
// Cameron having a swing
3 seafood pizza food blog uk italian
// yummy pizza
4 wellies hunter rural life uk blog
// my Aunt's Hunters that I borrowed to feed the chickens
5 handsome chap uk blog lifestyle vivatramp
// Luke being Luke

6 grey mares tail scotland borders walks
// Grey Mare's Tail
7 flowers scotland uk garden
// dusk
8 bedroom daybreak light uk scotland travel blog uk
// daybreak
9 holding hands childhood family love uk blog.

// holding hands with the little one
10 gate garden borders scotland
// white picket fence
11 pudding dessert chocolate fudge cake uk food blog borders
// pudding!
12 edinburgh scotland things to do uk lifestyle blog
// being a creep in rainy Edinburgh
13 daschund dog breed scotland uk animals
// little Lizzie being cute  

14 garden view scotland borders things to see
// garden view - you can see the three eildons

15 IMG_0032
// dancing at st mary's loch
16 stunning view scotland things to see gb
// embracing the view 

17 butterfly nature uk lifestyle blog
// flutterby
18 us couple uk lifestyle blogger vivatramp bee

// ~stunnahs~

That's it for my posts on this trip to the Borders. I hope you've enjoyed viewing the photographs but if you really want to appreciate the beauty you need to take a trip yourself! What's the best trip you've ever been on? Where are you planning to go next? 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. This is such a lovely post, Bee! Tala Dam looks breathtaking - and so do that pizza and pudding!
    I have never been to Scotland, but after flicking through your wonderful posts on your trip and after being told - countless times - about how beautiful Edingurgh is - my cousin got married there a few years previous - I really, really want to go now!

    Best Wishes,


  2. Scotland is on my list of places to go. I've been to Edinburgh Zoo a couple times and my boyfriend and I drove up to the border on Saturday, but never explored it in much detail. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm pining for a posh dessert now though! xx

  3. wow these are beautiful pictures. I want to go to Scotland some day!
    The best trip I've ever taken was to Australia in 2009. We visited my cousins aunt and uncle in Brisbaine, and visited Sydney as well. It was crazy amazing and surprisingly Australia is not very different from California.
    My next trip for next summer is to Paris where I'll most likely be working at a music company. I'm so excited!!!!!!

  4. Scotland looks so beautiful where you are. Oh, and your "stunning" expressions made me smile.

  5. Some more amazing lovely photos :) BABE X

  6. Well firstly I want to steal you, in that coat, and then I want to wrap you in the super lovely cute duvet/blanket, and then I shall finally sit inbetween you and your adorable boyfriend and just stare at the both of you, whilst we look at these photos forever more. Because I'm weird like that.xx

  7. This photos are just wow. Looks like such a beautiful place :) x

  8. I love the creepy photo of you haha! Great photos x

  9. awhh no way you're in Scotland! lucky you, the weather was beautiful today and i was stuck in work! really beautiful photos xx

  10. That photo of you in Edinburgh is lovely and far from creepy, can't believe you needed to wrap up that much haha, it's definitely not summer up here though that's for sure (: Your photos just cement why I want to live up there as soon as I flee uni (: xx

  11. Glad you've enjoyed my beautiful country!
    My best trip ever was to Paris last year, although there's no place like home when you live somewhere as gorgeous as this...x

  12. Looks idyllic! Scotland is a place I have always wanted to visit, I have added it for my to do list this year. I would quite like to witness a Christmas in Scotland! Looks like you had a great time. x

  13. very beautiful shots. love the polka dot jacket. x

  14. these pictures are so beautiful! the food looks incredible and looks like everyone is having a blast.


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