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See No Evil, Bristol

see no evil street art

Hello everyone! I hope you're all chirpy and enjoying the end of this interesting summer (or winter for all y'all that are currently down under/elsewhere). I'm currently a little bit under the weather, quelle surprise,  so I'm getting myself up the doctors for a human M.O.T! I'm not entirely sure what this week is going to consist of for me but I'm hoping it'll entail a bit of writing, getting better and a visit to see Luke's new puppy! Anyway, more on that later....

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Like most, I read a lot of blogs from people based in the bustling streets of London; if i'm honest, whilst London is rather bloody brilliant, I always think it's a shame that other places, particularly those in the South West, never get the credit/blogspace they deserve. Therefore, I thought the annual 'See No Evil' street art display in Bristol was the perfect way to exhibit life in the shire and beyond. Furthermore, I know a lot of you are rather creative creatures, and people seemed to like the little snippets I posted on instagram, so I thought you'd appreciate this little insight into my sunny Sunday afternoon shennanigans. 

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Fatherbear, Little Cub and I all crammed into his battered old car and headed up the A roads to a very sunny Bristol city. As ever, the city was packed full of people, unusually creating a relatively happy vibe that was actually pretty infectious! The street art took place on Nelson Street, not far from the new fangled shopping centre that people flock to Bristol for. For those that don't know what 'See No Evil' is, it's basically the biggest display of street art in the UK. Hugely talented street artists flock from all around the world in order to beautify otherwise plain buildings, transforming the street into the place to be with its arty displays and musical interludes.  

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Overall, it was a pretty lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon! Its turned the area into such a creative space and I think that can only be encouraged!  

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. I wish they still had areas like that in NYC, I mean they do but most of those areas with graffiti art are cleaned up. I really like that street art it makes things look very interesting. Not everywhere but in some districts it looks nice!

  2. I think, on the scale in which it has been produced and then condensed in Bristol, street art can be a beautiful, thought-provoking and inspiring sight. But when I meander through the streets of London and spot snatches of rude, lewd or ill-thought out graffiti, it can be quite a dispiriting experience.
    Hope you get better soon, Bee!

    Best Wishes,


  3. This looks so AMAZING!! Such good art work! definitely going to have to take a visit to bristol soon :) xxx

  4. Wow, these are beautiful! When it's planned and skilled, like the ones in your pictures, I love street art - but when it's not, I find it really annoying :') Hope you feel better soon! ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  5. It's beautiful when the artists are as amazing as this! x

  6. Great photos. I love street art - in a way it's so much more creative. I wish we had things like this up't North! :) xx

    Endometriosis my life with you

  7. I love street art that isn't crude or offensive - pretty much the same way I like the rest of my art! This looks absolutely amazing though, I really wish I'd known about it!

  8. This looks freaking amazing! I need to visit ! x

  9. This looks absolutely amazing, I love how street art can transform a wall or street. I was in Brighton recently, there's some amazing street art there! x

  10. Your posts are always so beautiful! :)x

  11. That looks so cool, I wish I'd known it was on! I get your point though, last year I moved back to Dorset from London and I genuinely forgot what a genuinely creative little hub it can be in it's own right! x

  12. OMG this is just beautiful! So wish I'd known about it, as would have organised my Herefords trip to coincide with a day to Bristol! Might have to see if I can still see it all as we make our way down at the weekend! Wonderful showcase Bee!

  13. I have a brand new love and respect for street art after visiting Berlin where it's everywhere and just looks beautiful! (: I love how the words are just positioned on top of bus shelters as if they just happened to land there haha (: xx

  14. I love street art, I always snap pictures of it and London's great for that, but this is something else! I wish I could have gone to this, it looks amazing. I especially love the massive scale ones on the sides of buildings. I agree with Jo above, Berlin is the place that made me appreciate it much more. Love this post Bee (and I really want more on the puppy, I have so much time for puppies...) xxx

  15. Love this! I used to live near Bristol it's one of my fav cities, so much to see and do. It definitely doesn't get enough hype.

  16. Wow I love this, I'm forwarding this post to my little sister who adores art! I've only been to Bristol once but thought it was a lovely city. Street art like this is fantastic, it's so creative and inspiring :)

    I'm sorry things are difficult for you at the moment, I hope it all improves. I'd love to read more posts like this! xxx

  17. I went to this, I loved it! Such beautiful street art, it really makes Bristol stand out from a lot of other cities


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