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Ask Bee Anything Part One: Books, The Future, Relationship and Beauty

ask bee anything

Hello everyone! A rather long time ago now (my bad!), I asked you guys whether or not you had any pressing questions for me and, surprisingly, I received a fair few replies! I thought I'd finally get round to answering those questions in hope that the answers will prove vaguely interesting/useful to you and other readers. If you'd like to ask me a question, please do so in the comments below! Feel free to leave your own answers to the questions below too, I'm a little bit nosey! 

1. What is your favourite book and why? Where does your love for books and reading come from?
- from Nina

As an English student, and general bookworm, I personally find it remarkably difficult to suggest a stand out book for me, so far. I'd hate to suggest that one book was my favourite, simply because there is so much choice and there are so many books left on this planet for me to read. Am I the only one that couldn't possibly choose?

I think my love of books and reading came from sleeping over at my Grandma's house when I was younger. She'd ply us with cups of tea before tucking us in to bed and reading us a story from the great big story book she kept on the shelf. Every time we'd stay over, we'd get her to read the same stories over and over again, but it never mattered to us. We loved them all the same! Secondly, my Mamabear (yes, that's what I call her!) gave me her original 1970's copies of the Famous Five series to read as a child and I instantly fell in love with those too. I can remember feeling really amazed at how I could settle down in my playroom (read: bombsite conservatory) and find myself escaping into a whole new place altogether. I steadily became addicted to them, and the tales of the Faraway Tree, and grew a bit older and developed an obsession with Jacqueline Wilson's books! If I ever become a mother, I'm going to make sure I read them a story every night and you can bet that they'll get the Famous Five forced upon them! 

2. What do you hope to do after university? Will it be related to your degree?
- from Gemma

I'm studying for an 'English with Creative Writing' degree and, essentially, it's creative writing that I wish to get into. I'm not a people person when it comes to workplaces: customers are rude and the majority of the time I wish to punch them all in the face. I want to immerse myself in fiction and string words together that people become moved and captivated by. I'd love to have my own novels, poems and children books published. Obviously, these are all big dreams at the moment but, hopefully, I can put it all into practice and happily spend my days writing away in solitude away from humans. Ah, bliss!

3. Who is your favourite childhood character?
- from Alice

I thought long and hard about this question! I surrounded myself with so many amazing characters when I was younger, from the animals of Beatrix Potter's tales to the eclectic mix of Disney's creations. However, I've decided to go with Dahl's Matilda; it was a bloody tight call between her and Mary Poppins! I can remember forcing my Mamabear to play my Matilda video for me on a bi-weekly basis and I adored the book, equally. I was just fascinated by this girl that was so amazingly independent and I made it my life's goal to read every book in a library. I'm starting to realise that this may have been a bit of a bold wish but, you never know! Her passion for life and ability to find good in even the worst situations really inspired me as a child and, to be honest, still does to this day.

4. Can we have some sort of top 5/10 post about books or authors or genres or something, please? How much journal/notebookwriting/drawing do you do and could we have more looks into it and stuff? Thanks mateo.
- from Jamie

I may do a post along the lines of top 5 authors, etc. I'm not really one for discussing literature or picking and choosing though. I genuinely don't think I could pick out my 'top' books. I will definitely continue to do my mini book reviews though so you can gauge what I've liked and disliked from those! I tend to keep my journal with me everywhere I go, in case a humorous character pops up that I wish to remember or I see something that inspires me. I may delve into it if people would like to see how I 'work'!

5. What book marked you the most when growing up? Do you have a most read book, maybe with pages loose? What's the story about you and your boyfriend - How did you meet? How do you spend time together? Do you have any beauty advice for days when illness hits hard and you have to convince everyone that you're okay?
- from Sophie

The books that marked me the most throughout childhood were definitely the aforementioned 'Famous Five' series by Enid Blyton, a wide selection of Beatrix Potter's tales, the Harry Potter series and all of Jaqueline Wilson's books! As for 'most read', I'd probably have to go with the Famous Five books again because I read my mum's original copies that have done the rounds for decades!

My boyfriend, Luke, and I went to secondary school together. He was the rather quiet cute looking one and I was the mental nutcase with a blonde streak through her hair that liked to comply to teacher's demands as much as she liked to rebel against them. Fast forward a while and we've now been together for over two and a half years and we also live together. We spend our time having adventures in new places, over indulging in TV seasons til the early hours and we share a mutual love of fajita nights! With regards to beauty advice, I'd suggest that it is important to follow a strict cleansing, toning and moisturising regime. When I'm ill, my skin tries to suck every last bit of moisture out of it so I can come off looking quite dull and dry. I now only wear make-up for special events/adventures and try and let my skin breathe as much as possible. I'd suggest you buy yourself a fresh face mask from LUSH, a killer lipstick shade and a decent mascara - all things that will help you look a little more alive :) Although, you're rather beautiful as it is! 

I hope this post has proved to be interesting! I've still got some questions to share so if you'd like to add to them, feel free. I'm off to chill out with my jounal 

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  1. You seem like such an interesting personj! I really loved reading this and getting to know you more, haha :)


  2. This really was an interesting post, Bee! It's always lovely to get an insight into the things your favourite bloggers enjoy, their pet peeves and general day-to-day topics.
    Growing up, I found that modern children's novels could never quite match up to the classics, such as The Famous Five and literally anything by Roald Dahl. Also, I found myself relating to Matilda in so many ways - save for the magic powers, evil headmistress and neglectful parents (!) - as was Dahl's impeccable knack of creating really "real" characters that you learn to love, loathe and admire.

    Best Wishes,


  3. This is a fab idea for a post. I love that you're such a bookworm - just like me. I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite book either. Massively in love with Mary Poppins though - I watched that film so many times on VHS that the tape eventually wore out. No joke.

    Lovely to get an insight into your mind :) x

  4. I really enjoyed reading this and getting to know you a bit better. I see a lot of similarities in our personalities. I was a little goody two shoes/rebel at school and I also would love to be a published author one day. My mam gave me the original Famous Five and Faraway Tree books to read too. What are the chances haha! I often think that if I hadn't chosen Japanese at University I would have done something similar to what you're doing.


  5. I loved this post, it's lovely to be able to metaphorically pick your brains and get answers, especially because lots of the questions were about childhood books and have got me reminiscing (: I used to adore the Famous Five and was so jealous of my friend who had the full collection whereas I lived off dog-eared library copies. I think Matilda was my idol too and I definitely aspired to read a whole library, yet to achieve that though, don't know how she managed it so young when I struggle with my reading list for uni at twenty! haha (: xxx

    1. When you are a famous writer I will tell everyone we are acquainted! haha I will also accidentally on purpose buy loads of your books for my library and become a book pusher and make people read them ;) xx

  6. I used to love the famous five - also Secret you remember them? I could get lost in a book for hours on end when I was little (still do actually!)


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