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Ask Bee Anything Part One: Books, The Future, Relationship and Beauty

Hello everyone! A rather long time ago now (my bad!), I asked you guys whether or not you had any pressing questions for me and, surprisingly, I received a fair few replies! I thought I'd finally get round to answering those questions in hope that the answers will prove vaguely interesting/usef…

A Little Life Update & A New Addition To The Family

Hello everyone! Since it's a drizzly grey August day, I thought I'd turn on my laptop and update you all on my current doings. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you'll know that I'm currently at Luke's house puppy sitting the family's new addition, Woody. He's a…

See No Evil, Bristol

see no evil street art

Hello everyone! I hope you're all chirpy and enjoying the end of this interesting summer (or winter for all y'all that are currently down under/elsewhere). I'm currently a little bit under the weather, quelle surprise,  so I'm getting myself up the doctors for a human M.O.T! I'm not entirely sure what this week is going to consist of for me but I'm hoping it'll entail a bit of writing, getting better and a visit to see Luke's new puppy! Anyway, more on that later....

The One Where Georgia and Claire Came To Stay

Hello everyone! Apologies for doing a disappearing act - had one or two things to sort out but I'm getting there. Onwards and upwards! After pining for my two best university buddies, Claire and Georgia, I decided that it was high time that I invited them up for a few days to experience the tedium of my town high life and glamour that my life regularly involves....Naturally, they willingly oblidged and journeyed up the motorway from their distant lands to come and experience the delights of three days in Somerset, the county of Gods.

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When Bee Went to Scotland PART TWO

The eagle eyed readers amongst you will see that this is part two of my Scottish photo diaries;  if you'd like to read part one first, shimmy your way over here
Hello everyone! As promised, here's part two of my Scotland photo diaries. We wisely spent our time there taking in the breathtaki…

When Bee Went to Scotland PART ONE

You may have been able to tell from the following photo dump, we absolutely adored our time in Scotland with my family. Both of my parents are Scottish, along with grandparents, so I've got Scottish heritage in abundance and I'm extremely proud of it! If you're ever looking for a place …
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