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Disposable Photographs

disposable photograph one
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I'm quite the fan of disposable photographs. I can rarely be found without a disposable camera hanging around the bottom of my tote bag and I'm a strong believer that they capture some of the funniest/spontaneously strange moments in life! For me, there's a sort of crazed excitement about picking up a set of photographs after they've been developed so you can imagine how on edge I was when I picked up these ones which span a couple of months. Here's just a selection of the photographs, from Luke's and I's various adventures lately. I'm in dire need of a new photograph album to contain these pretties. My scanner has taken the colour out of some of the photographs but hey ho, that's disposables! 

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  1. I love disposable cameras! There's something so summery about them, and I think it's nice to have a proper photo rather than a digital copy sometimes :) xxx

  2. I love disposables too, although sometimes the price of developing them puts me off a tad. Love the one of Charles, handsome cat x

    1. cupasoup diet sounds grim and the sandy paste :( boooo! Itmight make you feel better to know my face has exploded in acne and I'm in work covered in acne treatment, gross.

      Here is my instax post not disposable but they have the same look. Love my instant camera x

  3. I really like disposable cameras - although I use my digital one a lot, it's nice to go back to the old school, and picking up the prints is really exciting! Hope your ulcers are better soon, I've suffered quite badly with them before and it's horrible :( x

  4. I absolutely love disposable cameras! Definitely need to pick one up. These photos are so lovely. Hope you feel better soon girly! xo

  5. Wow I haven't played with a disposable camera in so long. Think might have to try and find some!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm planing to buy disposable camera for so long :)xx

  7. Your hair is just gorgeous miss! And yes, nothing can compare to picking up real photos from film. Fingers crossed you feel better soon, look after yourself

  8. I've not had a disposable camera for ages! I really love the look of them though so much more fun than digital too :)
    Rachelle x

  9. Totally share your enthusiasm when it comes to picking up a set of photographs. There's something ridiculously exciting about seeing how your prints have turned out that you just don't get from being tagged on Facebook lol.

    Hope you feel better soon. Think i may have had the same ulcer pastey thing that you have - is it the stuff that goes on gluey then kind of goes hard? Really awful but quite effective if i remember rightly! xxx

  10. I am also in the 5% of the population who suffer with mouth ulcers! I can definitely feel your pain - why us!?
    Also the photos turned out lovely, there's just something about disposable cameras in the summer. x

  11. oh, disposables are simply the best.

  12. I love disposable films but I can never find disposable cameras anymore and I find it so difficult to find places that will develop them nowadays as the whole world has become this big digital generation! Here's hoping the mouth ulcers go away and allow you to eat some more satisfying food (: xx

  13. They're loads of fun, I agree! I had a huge film phase some months ago but it died out when I realised how much money I was spending, haha. Then back to digital it was.
    I love being surprised though when you receive your prints. Some of my favourite pictures I found that way.

  14. Hope your ulcers have got a bit better my love. These photos are great, I love disposables too! I dunno if you saw it but I got a disposable camera developed recently, the photos span over a year haha! Oops! Miss you xxx

  15. These are so great, I need to start carrying a disposable camera - I adored it when I was a kid! You two are such an adorable couple, aw! :-) xxx

  16. The past couple of months I've been playing with disposables and with vintage cameras that take 35mm film and have had SO much fun with them, still have half a dozen rolls of film to have developed but there definitely is something super special and exciting about picking up photos!!! :-) Yours look great!

    Jem xXx

  17. beautiful post! such cute picture and that cat is so adorable.
    love your blog too! <3

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    hope to hear from you!

    xx, camilla & valerie


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