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Summer Stroll

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Hello everyone! I wouldn't usually share things like this but hell, why not?! These are just a selection of photographs I took Thursday evening on a spontaneous walk in the sunshine with Luke. We are extremely lucky because this patch of countryside is just a one minute walk away, if that, from Luke's house so we tend to take advantage of it in the summer months. The weather was unbelievably hot, causing us to wander into the haze that had built up over the fields. I'm not entirely sure the farmyard animals were enjoying it because the sheep were bleating like there was no tomorrow; personally, I think they were crying for help, either that or screaming 'GET THIS FRIGGING WOOLLEN COAT OFF ME!' 

I'm absolutely loving being home and, honestly, I adore staying with my Grandma. She has the best stories, although I'm pretty sure she's highly censored some of the ones from her renowned house party days!

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. what lovely pictures, i adore how you've edited them! it must be so amazing to be so near the countryside, i have a beautiful park about a ten minute walk away, but it's just not the same! xxx

  2. Aww, adorable couple! I love 'silly' couple photos, for some reason I find them far cuter than 'normal' ones. The countryside looks absolutely beautiful in the sun, looks like you had an awesome stroll :) xx

  3. Beautiful photos!
    Agree with Milly, silly couple photos are the best :D


  4. Beautiful photos Bee, the setting is gorgeous and you look beautiful too xxx

  5. Lovely pictures, looks like an awesome place for summer strolling! x

  6. I love summer walks and these pictures are lovely (: Hoping that once I get home from uni I can go into the countryside a bit more often as at the moment there are very few fields around me (: xx

  7. Bee, I'm so jealous! I've been begging mates to go to the country or beach all week and everyone has exams. I'm in work all weekend :( Going to try and take the dog out on Monday, maybe to the beach. BBQ and vodka with French men tonight, oh la la!

  8. lovely pictures, very jealous of you having such a gorgeous patch of countryside at your disposal! I have a horrid high street.. xx

  9. Bee, you're so bloody gorgeous, I can't even cope. Lovin' these photos sweetie, I've been so impatient/sweatin' profusely in the sun that I haven't snapped away much at all recently, waaa. Those poor sheep... xxxx

  10. it looks gorgeous around where you live. you are so pretty =D
    Cerys ♥

  11. Lovely photos-I love the countryside!!

  12. N'awh look at your looking all prettyfull in the countryside :) Gorgeous pictures lady, glad you're enjoying your summer off :) x

  13. Lovely pictures Bee, you guys look adorable and not at all like the hot sticky mess I seem to be these days

  14. awww yay I'm so glad your enjoying this weather to!
    How weird that's what its like just next to my bfs house too!
    Except theirs lots of hills and country side to see in the
    distant at the canal. (Scottish views)

    We took advantage of the weather and went camping in the lake district this weekend. I'll totally have to Blog about it soon hope the rest of your holidays is good.



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