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Summer Stroll

Hello everyone! I wouldn't usually share things like this but hell, why not?! These are just a selection of photographs I took Thursday evening on a spontaneous walk in the sunshine with Luke. We are extremely lucky because this patch of countryside is just a one minute walk away, if that, from…

How to Get Started With Creative Writing

As an aspiring creative writer and an English undergraduate, I often find myself sat bleary eyed willing for a creative miracle to happen, either that or for the ground to spontaneously swallow me up. To combat this writer's block, as well as browsing Youtube for videos of cute sloths, I often …

Things That Make Me Happy 52

snacking  disposable photographs  my best friends bare feet in the sand 
gothic literature  the moment a piece of writing falls into place fajita nights coral lips
harbour scenes  spring pastels
(photo credit: lizzie_g on unsplash)

I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd l…
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