Saturday, 21 January 2012

Twinkle Toes: Bee's Shoe Collection and Shoe Quest

My shoe collection is embarrassingly, and quite sickeningly, bare. At the start of the year, I set myself a challenge to banish my badly battered plimsoles to the bin and to go out and purchase a variety of different shoes that would be both practical and wearable throughout the seasons. Why have I been surviving on one pair of plimsoles for around six months? The lord blessed with me a pair of, slightly large, Size 8's but decided to compliment them with a set of remarkably scrawny ankles. 

Unfortunately for me, it's extremely rare that I find a shoe that lovingly accommodates my strangely shaped feet so when I do, it's something to make a fuss about! Over the next few months/this year, I'll be bringing you updates on my quest to build up my shoe collection and I'll aim to bring you selections of my favourites that I've stumbled across. I've certainly fallen in love with my coral ballet flat - it'd be perfectly fine to buy more colours, right?! Without further ado, meet pairs #1, #2, and #3.

#1: The Coral Ballet Flat
Thank the lord to whoever invented the elasticated back! As mentioned, my skinny little ankles are difficult to accommodate, thus meaning that I've had to abandon the dolly shoe altogether. Thankfully, some genius thought it'd be awesome to create a pump with an elastic hold around the ankle. Thank you, whoever you are.  I adore this pair so much so that I'm definitely going to have to purchase more! I can't wait to pair these with a humble pair of skinny jeans in these coming weeks and cutesy dresses come S/S. I love everything about this pair: the spring-friendly coral shade, the soft front, the overwhelming urge to put these on and throw on a tutu so that everyone thinks I'm a super nimble ballet dancer......

@ Primark £6

#2: The Insanely Gold and Glittery Ballet Flat
These embody practicality, right?! Sssh, you aren't my mothers. I needed some cute shoes to wear out on my weekly Monday night clubbing sesh and these seemed like the best option at the time. As a Long Tall Sally, I don't wear heels but still want shoes that don't denounce my humps / make me look like a middle aged mother on a school run. Sparkly, feminine, comfortable and killer dancefloor move safe - what more could you want?! They aren't my favourites but they'll be ideal for going out and they're rather cheap!

@ Primark £4

#3: The Insanely Girly Pair
....Just when you thought things couldn't get any girlier. Yes, it's a pair of pink glittery shoes. No, it's not my usual thaaaaaang at all but I have my reasons. 1) They remind me of one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers 2) See the last sentence of item #3. Whilst my clothes are feminine, I quite like loose styles and dark skinny jeans so I'm hoping that these little buggers will brighten me up a little! I'll primarily be wearing these for nights out.

@ Primark £4

The elasticated backs.

I'll be building up my shoe collection over the next few months, hopefully adding a few pairs of more expensive shoes, and will definitely document it over here for those that are interested. I have actually picked up a fourth pair but they're just a bog standard pair of black plimsoles. I'm hoping to purchase some white Converse and a pair of Vans at some point for casual wear. If you've done a post on your shoe collection or know of some great pairs of flat shoes/boots then please leave your ideas in the comments! I reply to them all now that Blogger has finally got a commenting system.

I've got a shed load of posts lined up, including a few make-up/beauty reviews as well as some clothing things, so hopefully my craptastic Gatsby essay won't get in the way! I'm off to write said essay - lucky me! However, we did do the weekly shop in M & S so I'm sure the thought of all the goods we purchased will make the hours and word count flow by! I'll be back soon. Take care xo
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