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I owe a massive apology to my loyal tramps*. I've been annoyingly absent from the so-called 'blogosphere' for a while now and it probably bothers me a billion times more than it bothers you! There's really not enough hours in the day at the moment to do all the things I need/want to do! I've found myself cowering in my local coffee shop nursing my busy head with a white chocolate mocha (with a generous helping of marshmallows) whilst staring into space. My sister's birthday present gave me the perfect reason to procrastinate for a fair few hours and, in turn, come up with other cracking ideas for Christmas presents!

I thought I'd share her little present with you in order to inspire you/give you a kick up the arse to get your Christmas shopping started! (I've yet to start so this is a little hypocritical but ssssh!).This is an idea that is simply called '_________ in a jar'. When in doubt, stick something in a pretty jar and you're never going to fail; that's my motto! My younger sister is turning 16 in a couple of weeks, if you ask her she'll tell you the exact amount of hours til her birthday she's that excited, and I wanted to get her something a little different to the usual shit CD or terrible DVD; her taste is acquired. I'd previously made boxes of goodies for friends and family with specific themes but it had been a while since I'd done so. Thankfully, the ever lovely and resourceful Gem came to my rescue and told me to create her a little nail starter jar. Armed with perfect advice from nail art goddesses, I set out to create an awesome nail art starter kit! I'd better just mention that I also bought my sister the Models Own Nail Art Kit too - just so she had a pen and some other goodies to enjoy! Oooh, and I've also got her some dotting tools!

- I bloody love confetti!

This was a relatively cheap present to put together and is something that, I'm sure, will be a lot more fun for her than spending half an hour trying to unwrap my mother's ridiculously over-cellotaped present. I've always loved the look of Kilner jars. I'm not sure what it is about them but I think they're just so amazingly versitaile and beautiful so I picked one up from the high street and mused over what to fill it with. If Luke and I ever buy a house together, I will be filling the thing with jars. I bloody love them! Alternatively, you can pick up some nice ones from charity shops too. I gave my little jar a bath with some Radox before I used it because Kilner jars tend to smell like they've housed death. After her little soapy bath, she was ready to use. Here's what I used to create my little gift:

purple tissue paper: paperchase £1.50 // twine: came on jar but available on ebay // 
kilner jar: wilkinsons £1.75

Kilner jars are actually amazingly cheap so I'd definitely suggest that you pick a few up for presents this year. You can also get ones with the flippy lid thing ~technical term~ to store your preserves in - yum! Paperchase has just opened up in the local shopping centre so I had a whale of a time waltzing around picking things up and then putting them down because I shouldn't spend all my money on notebooks that I'll never find a use for. Funny story, whilst I was browsing, a Grandmother asked me to help her find some 3D stickers for her granddaughter. I had no idea what 3D stickers I just picked out some spongey ones and I'm now praying that I haven't ruined that little girl's Christmas/relationship with her Grandma!! Someone put my mind at ease?! A lot of the stuff I got for this gift came from Ebay and I'd advise you to use it as your first port of call for all things gifty. There are so many pretty ribbons, strings, tags and bags to be had for so cheap!

hot pink organza bags: ebay seller 25 for £2.49 // powder blue vintage style tags: ebay seller 10 for £1.25 
// balloon confetti: paperchase £1.75

I adore the organza bags that I found on Ebay. They're so cute and really help to make the jar pop with colour. There are different sizes to choose from and so many different colours on Ebay so get looking! They're cute for storing goodies in as well as presenting jewellery. I picked up the powder blue luggage tags because I wanted something a little different to write mymessage on. I'll definitely be picking them up in festive colours for Christmas gifts.Naturally, I had to pick up some confetti because, A) it's shiny and B) it pisses Mother off no end because it gets EVERYWHERE!

I won't insult you by suggesting this is a tutorial, because, lets face it, apes could probably put these together and make them look better than I did but I'll just cover the basic steps. You just need to take your tissue paper and fit it to your jar - you want some overlap at the top so that you can squash it all down to conceal your prezzies! Throw a few bits of confetti down the sides of the paper just to jazz it up a bit and of course, throw lots inside!! To make it look more interesting you could obviously use printed tissue paper or go for quirky newspaper for a different look altogether. My sister can always be found sat in her room surrounded by a big collection of nail varnishes getting high on the fumes so I knew that if I bought nail varnish, I couldn't go wrong. Her collection of colours is actually pretty constricted so I picked up a load of mini nail varnish sets from the high street in order to make sure I covered different colours and ensure that they'd fit in my pretty little organza bags.

The two little four piece sets were from H & M and I think they were £2.99 each. They're pretty little pastel colours that I know she'll absolutely adore and they're perfect for floral nails. The other two pinky colours were in a set from - wait for it- Poundland!! I know, right?! They look really cute so I'm glad I picked them up - for 50p you can't really say no. To present them, I just popped two into each organza bag and filled it with some obligatory confetti. Gem gave me the heads up that there was a little nail art kit in Poundland that I couldn't pass up so, curiously, I paid Poundland a visit and saw the little beauty there. Regretfully, I didn't get any snaps of the little individual bags but they contain pearls in various colours, hearts/stars in various colours and little nail gems. I think it'd be ideal for any beginner to nail art that perhaps doesn't want to buy too much in whilst they're still getting to grips with it. If she likes these, I'll definitely buy her some off ebay for Christmas!

Here's the finished result! I had so much fun putting this little jar together and it's definitely given me ideas for future projects and presents. I've compiled a mini list of alternatives that you could fill the beloved Kilner jar with. Let me know if you have any other great ideas/will be putting jars together this festive season! I've put some alternatives together to give you all a helping hand. What do you think?

Alternative fillings:
1. fill up your kilner jar with homemade chutneys, jams or sweet treats!
2. create a sewing kit in a jar!
3. treat your mum/grandma/sister/girlfriend (etc) to a little pamper jar: fill it with skincare goodies, bath bombs and luxurious smellies. you will forever be loved!!
4. fill it with nostalgic sweets for peckish family members and kids!
5. create some handmade crafts and present them in the jar
6. brew your own alcohol or make your own lemonade and fill the jar with it's goodness!
7. take the lid off of your kilner jar and use it to present a pretty little flower for the keen gardeners in your life
8. grandparents love a bit of nostalgia? fill it with old photographs of the family together and little things that remind you of them
9. fill it with toys for little hands to enjoy
10. purchase a tall jar and use it to house a load of arty goods and pens/pencils for the artists in your life!

Hope you've enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun with it and would love to do stuff like this in the future. Have you had any present brainwaves as of late? I'm off to try and coax Luke to wander around the little Christmas market with me - I'm hoping the promise of a pulled pork roll will tempt him!! xo


  1. This is such a good idea, i'm sure your little sister will love it! x

  2. amazing present! adds so much more, it shows you've put a lot of effort into it - might just steal this idea for christmas!:)

  3. I love that, it's so cute!
    I love making candles in jars too :)
    x x x

  4. Such a great way to make your present stand out and be memorable even if it's not y'know - a pet tiger or a person's weight in chocolate. Thanks so much :) xxx

  5. I love it! what a fab idea xx

  6. Such a cute idea :) I may well do this for my Secret Santa in work depending on who I get! xx

  7. This is such a good idea. I have the Kilner jars in my kitchen (the ones with the flippy lids) and I love them xx

  8. This is an amazing idea! I've been trying think of creative presents I could give this year - these seem perfectomondo :) x

  9. Eurgh, just realised how much of a tit I sounded. x

  10. Oh I definitely needed a kickstart on my christmas shopping/making, and it's a brilliant idea :) my mums got a lot of little jars lying around for me to use aswell, so i'm all set! X

  11. Erm this is actually amazing and I am so robbing it!!! Might use it instead of a stocking!!! omgzzz xxxxx

  12. Love this, I'm a jar fiend too. Last year my friend gave me a jar filled with all the dry ingredients to make smarties cookies with a recipe tied around the top. So cute.

    Penny x

  13. That is such an awesome idea! Consider it stolen :) I'm the least creative person ever, and this is brilliant.

  14. This is a really great idea! I'm sure your sister will love it, the end product looks really nice.

  15. Aw this is such a lovely idea!! Definitely given me a little Christmas inspiration :) xx

  16. love this idea - the jar is so cute! :)

  17. This is a lovely idea, SO going to steal some of this for Xmas presents. I don't have time between work, uni and work experience to make a lot of stuff, but I reckon this presentation may redeem me a little. Super pretty and also a bit unique.

    Hope your sister loves this, it's seriously lovely!

  18. Actually love this idea!

    Happy early birthday to your sister, I hope she enjoys this!

  19. Well I think that's my Christmas presents ideas sorted for the fam (: Apart from the brotherbear who is infinitely more difficult to buy for! Such a sweet little idea! xxxx

    PS. Viva-ettes > Tramps
    PPS. Our Sims relationship status upgraded again hahahahaha. Love life/you.

  20. Seriously good idea! I'd been really struggling present wise and hadnt gotten any yet, but you've definitely given me some inspiration! Great post!

  21. Love this idea. I love little crafts at the moment. This one is so cute and has definitely inspired me! Thank you :)

    Hannah x

  22. this is such a cute idea! me and my friends are making each other presents this year so i might buy some kilner jars and fill them with little treats. :)

  23. This is such a sweet gift and looks so, so pretty my friend does things like this a lot and it always means the world that she has spent time adding things in for me. Perfect for Christmas gifts and you can really mix it up too. LOVE, LOVE this xxxx

  24. I love love love this idea so much! I hope you don't mind that I'm going to blatantly steal it. I'm putting together a little hand-care kit in a jar for my friend who is a hairdresser and always complains that her hands are dry. I'm having so much fun trawling ebay for fancy tissue paper and stuff! x

  25. This is such an amazingly cute idea!! Definitely going to see if I can work this into a few people gifts for christmas!!

    L x

  26. so cute might pinch this idea!!

    p.s my layout is almost identical to yours, i honestly didn't copy you i only found your blog today :S not intentional!!!

    p.p.s love your blog though!

  27. This is a great idea, I'm sure she'll love it :) x

  28. this is a seriously AMAZING idea bee!! 100% stealing it from you for christmas presents, a really really cute idea! im sure your sister will love it :) x

  29. cute idea! awesome blog also :-)

    Jessica xo

  30. You gave me a great idea for a christmas present for a friend. I was stuck and I'm sure she'll love it.


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