Things That Make Me Happy 51

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watching day turn into night
collections of things
letter writing
layering up for winter
epic landscapes

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.




  1. I'm taking english lit as a minor and this worries me! I don't like the literary snobs, they are the most irritating people on the planet ¬_¬ so condescending and ridiculous. I love these posts, they put a smile on my face and help me face another day! And I do love cat lady status's xxx

  2. can't believe how many youve done of your h is for happy series!

  3. Beautiful post as always xo

  4. I always regret not pursuing my English Lit interest further, and opting for erm, fashion, instead. I can't imagine myself surviving very long amongst literary arrogance though! Your course does sound quite demanding so far from your Tweets, but I'm sure it'll get easier sweet (: Aaah I'm so excited to see my little Archie this weekend, kitty snuggles galore! xxxx

  5. I love your H for Happy posts, they always make me smile :) I've also just started uni, scary stuff but I'm sure you'll love it! Ignore all the snobs, being up their own arse will never get them anywhere - You'll show them in the end :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  6. 50 woooooo!

    And a fittingly good one too. Hear hear x

  7. Urgh I used to hate the pretentious folk in my many English lectures. Someone once refered to a country (I'm thinking it was Australia) as "the grotesque underbelly of an imoralised civilisation". SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!
    Do you have a lot of old people on your course aswell that are just itching to chime in and proove that yes, they may be old but they're also as deserving of a uni place as you are?

    Sorry for my rant - all the old hatred is coming back!


  8. I adore your pictures... is it ok if I tumblr some of them??


  9. Lovely photos :) also good luck at Uni. It's my first week back too - def gonna take me a while to get back into the study routine again xx

  10. I love the coffee cup in the "writing letters" one.

    Also... Yes. I'm in a great books class this term, and this is the fourth term I've taken it. It gets far easier to navigate the pretentiousness, and a lot of the literary people aren't as bad as they seem — they really just talk that way.

  11. ignore the pretentiousness - i like to imagine everyone is bluffing their way through it all. im starting shortly which is a bit scary, ee. have to start remembering all those literary phrases myself! :S

    good luck at uni! xox

  12. I always felt out of my depth at uni, I use to rock up to lectures with my Little Mermaid pens haha xx

  13. Yaaay Bee and Lyzi times! I hope you're getting on top of your work lovely. Stupid long poems! Love these photos, as always. Especially the first one! I was thinking of dressing as a crazy cat lady for Halloween haha! xxxx

  14. this post is lovely! i have two cats now, definitely confirming my status at a future crazy cat lady. my boyfriend even asked if i wanted a third, i'm definitely turning him to the cat loving side!


  15. I hope the snobs don't ruin EngLit for you - I'm finishing an EngLit MA and it's been so much fun! If you ever feel like chatting witha non-snob hit me up :)

    Love, Tilda

  16. Aww I remember my first lecture, it was pretty intimating but they got better. And YAY for winter layers, although day was really nice and sort of ruined the layering plan for me!

    L x

  17. I love these posts! Sounds like your enjoying yourself it between all the hard work. I used to love writing lots of notes. x

  18. Literature students (and lecturers) can be complete arseholes. I spent some of my lectures and seminars feeling unbelievably stupid compared to the people using poncy words and pretending that they know every minute detail of the author's life. If it's any consolation, I got the same degree as most of these people.

    I never wrote any letters while I was at uni and I really wish I had. I might start writing proper letters to my now-estranged uni housemates.

    I really like your blog btw!


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