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  1. I love your h is for happy series, it reminds me to be happy for the little things! Great blog too
    Maryam xx

  2. aw i love all these, i miss proper little cosy pubs! your H is for happy is such a simple concept but soooooo humbling and inspiring, its the little things that make you happy and by putting it out there in all its html glory, I guess its the perfect reminder!
    I am forever writing lists of things I wanna acheive, things that make me happy so i dont lose sight during all the crappy days!

  3. ee, these all made me smile! lists are so awesome, I swear there isn't a notebook in my house without one haha. lush post, as always x

  4. I agree with the candles and the pubs. I love the h is for happy posts xx

  5. Everyone loves a good pub!

  6. i really like this feature of your blog, and relaxing in a hammock would make me really happy for sure

    elizabeth x

  7. All of these make me happy - lovely post x

  8. haha..that hammock picture cracks me up.
    i have the worst time with hammocks. i tend to always end up on the ground instead of relaxing. :P
    have a wonderful week love.

  9. agree with all of these, especially the candles! x

  10. Ahhh dimples, they make my heart melt!

    L x

  11. I enjoy your happy posts :) They do make me smile!

    I have a little blog give-away idea I want to do, if I get enough lovely bloggers who like the idea and enter, I'll go ahead with it! Check it out if you have a little free time pleeease!

    I hope you like my blog as much as I like yours!

    Catarina @ Something Said

  12. I love this mainly on the grounds of the picture of Tom from McFly...
    Also because candles and hammocks are awesome <3

  13. oh you have such a cute blog! lovely pics


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