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Things To Do On A Rainy Day

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read a good book

organise your bookcase
bake cakes and eat them while they're still warm
sort through your favourite jumpers - pop one of them on
pour yourself a hot bath and don't leave it until you're wrinkly 
warm up some thick comforting soup 
indulge in a netflix marathon
fashion a hot water bottle out of your pet
put blankets in the tumblr drier and snuggle in them until they get cold 
make fancy hot drinks
write lists
catch up on boring admin
write in your journal
hunt down your photo albums and get nostalgic
engage with your guilty pleasures
perform childhood dance routines
write prose
write poetry
write a letter or a note for a loved one
sit in your empty bath and sing. appreciate the acoustics.
share anecdotes
watch the rain
take photos in the rain
go for a run
take a nap underneath a double duvet
sort through things to sell
have a tidy up 
settle down with a dvd and some snacks
reblog, reblog, reblog
unplug from technology
play video games. shoot zombies.
make plans
read blogs
play a board game
make a scrapbook
listen to your favourite albums
make comfort food
play a prank on someone
pamper yourself
people watch in public
toast marshmallows




  1. I just love this list - most of these things are things I love to do on any day, so the fact that it's been raining all the time lately is just giving me a good excuse! Inspired by you, I started a new notebook a few days ago to write down all the things that make me happy, and I added 'listening to rain on a conservatory roof' to my list - there is just something about listening to, or watching rain that I find so cathartic and calming. I saw your story about the spacehopper on Twitter and it made me laugh out loud - sounds like such a surreal story!

  2. if we don't get some sun soon, i will have a FIT :o(


  3. rainy days are just perfect- you're so lucky that england's all cold and rainy right now! it's about thirty eight degrees in toronto right now- ick. completely agree with all of these, especially the cake eating one! X

  4. I love British summertime - best day of the year x

  5. Most of my favourite activities:) Loving your post x

  6. i kind of like rainy days, i love to be all cosy-ed up inside and doing soemthing crafty..but i wish there was actually some outside-weather soon too, considering it's supposed to be summer!

  7. I am probably near the top of the list for complaining about the lack of summer, however I do LOVE the rain... when I'm inside obvs! Curling up with a book and listening to it beat against the window. If I get caught in the rain however I do tend like let my childish side escape and start puddle jumping!

    L x

  8. i do all of those things ! thanks for your comment on my post, your comments always put a smile on my face they are so bloody lovely :)
    Ashley X

  9. #7 - hands down my favorite. bee you are always a treat! i haven't shown my face around here for a while but i regret it! i miss the lovely cheer. <3

  10. This list is so lovely :) I also like getting stuff like this done when it's wet but not toe-tinglingly cold, because in a student house in the actual midwinter I am not going anywhere but my bed!

  11. Aw thank you bee! I meant it! :)

    And number 27 is a favourite of mine too. I like to go a little retro though and kill mine with swords.. Zelda style.

  12. That snapshot of the Storm Troopers and a cocktail umbrella is the best photo I've seen this week (: So adorable hahaha. Absolutely loved this list Bee, have you been on before? I went through a (long) phase a few months ago of going on that website, leaving my laptop on and indulging in many things on your list! xx

  13. I love sitting by the window and just listening and watching to the rain hit the pavement outside. It's even better if you've got a big cup of tea in your hands! I do a lot of stuff in your list, shooting zombies... hell yes!!!!

  14. I love this list there's some really good (and funny) stuff on there xx

  15. Good selection of DVD and snacks is my favourite past time! Yay to us! x

  16. great list you will never get bored :P

  17. ahhh. love the first pic <3

  18. you have such a lovely blog, thanks for visiting mine :)x

  19. You have just the sweetest, enchanting little blog! I'm totally obsessed with this list you've made out...everything you wrote down is the exact same that I love to do on a rainy day! ❤

    P.S. You look quite a lot like Rachel McAdams. Has anyone ever told you that?

  20. Absolutely love this list - so inspiring.

  21. This list is making me feel all warm and snuggly.

    Can't wait till winter.

  22. definitely going to favourite this page. Some great ideas :) xx

  23. You have recently the best, charming little blog! I'm completely fixated on this rundown you've made out...everything you recorded is precisely the same that I love to do on a blustery day.

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