Monday, 27 June 2011

Things That Make Me Happy 42

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the taxi ride to the airport
takeaway nights
busy bookcases
easy dinners
walking with no destination 

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.



  1. I turn 21 in just under a week and I have no idea what to do - most of my friends aren't available on my actual birthday, so I'm going out a couple of weeks after. I think I read that you like harry potter too, why don't you go there? Or the zoo? Or skating? Or swimming? Or you could just get drunk in the garden with your boyfriend XD It's more fun than it sounds. I'm gonna first go watch Harry Potter, then go to frankie and bennies (YUM XD) and then just go out into town and get so drunk that my boyfriend will have to carry me home over his shoulder X3

  2. I had forgotten how excited I would get waiting for that taxi to the airport to come when I was a kid. The whole drive to the airport was just full of excitement despite it being pitch black and like 3am haha xxx

  3. I've just found your blog and it is utterly fab. I'm adding you to my reader and hope to be back soon.
    Love the series.

  4. P.S. I clicked your pink follow me tab and it leads to a dead page, thought I'd better let you know. x

  5. oooohhh i love walking without a destination in mind. having the freedom and the spare time to do that is such a luxury! obviously the other things are also brilliant! x

  6. FULL bookcases, I can not even explain my excitement when I see full bookcases in people's houses, it sends me dizzy and I stand their browsing the books for at least ten minutes! I've told my boy when we move in together I want a whole wall of books, books and more books!

    L x

  7. Love this post! The images are so pretty! My boyfriend is a bookworm and I'm an English lit student so between us we have rooms of books! I can't wait to start trying to find crazy ways to store them when we move in together =P

  8. Awww lovely post.. the photos are so nice!! Light dinners in the summer is the way to go.. i always have salad in mind hehe! Thanks for following btw! x

  9. love your blog :) i prefer the taxi ride to the hotel, but it's more exciting waiting to get on the plane i guess... x

  10. i adore your blog- it always manages to cheer me up no matter how rubbish i'm feeling :)
    i turned 19 at the end of last month and was feeling rather uninspired also. i ended up have a night out with a couple of friends from uni before everyone moved home for summer a week before my birthday and then on the actual day my mum, stepdad and youngest sister went to deep sea world in the afternoon before going out for tea. :)) xx

  11. oh yes, a full bookcase is the BEST.
    have a wonderful week looove.. <3

  12. Every week if I'm feeling down, I know I have your 'H is for Happy' to cheer me up :) x

  13. These are all cool and inspirational!


  14. Definitely agree with all of these!xx

  15. I agree with all of these, especially the full bookcases and when the takeaway arrives, such good feelings! x

  16. happy (early) birthday, bee! mine's next week as well, and i've no idea what to do either. maybe go for a birthday picnic? though i reckon, you can't beat a birthday harry potter marathon :) x

  17. Yum, I'd love a jacket potato filled with beans and cheese right about now.

    Happy Early Birthday, I'm rubbish for ideas (it always ends up drinking) but I hope you think of something! x

  18. That take away looks soo yummy! Also I love walking and not quite knowing where your going sometimes its the best way to find new places.
    Great post.
    Beth xx


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