Things That Inspire Me

(all found via Tumblr)

1. canary yellow
2. blue skies
3. sensory images
4. summer breeze
5. diy fans
6. bare skin
7. playlists
8. country walks
9. dressing down
10. sweet dreams

11. sunsets

12. crafty hands
13. freckled noses 
14. fresh perspectives
15. painted nails
16. warm sentiments
17. polka dots
18. countdowns
19. paper and pen
20. outdoors

21. the glut of fresh fruit

22. greek dreams
23. summer smells
24. coral nails
25. guilty pleasures
26. foreign tongue
27. going barefoot
28. turquoise
29. cider
30. film cameras

31. blonde

32. singalongs
33. perfume
34. soft skin
35. suntain lotion smell
36. movie nights
37. nose kisses
38. birthdays
39. future plans
40. bedsheets

41. nostalgia

42. beach days
43. photographs
44. the sea
45. good reads
46. friendly exchanges
47. birdsong
48. feline company
49. planning
50. journals




  1. These are so beautiful. I wish I could come to the meet up! x hivenn

  2. Sorry for the double delete - first of all I made a typo, then I asked a question about the Blogger meetup you'd already answered! Would love to come but train to Bristol could be quite expensive I think - I will investigate (I am near Bournemouth). The photos are beautiful and I love all your happy lists, I would like to do one of my own soon!

  3. I went away to Tenerife in April and it feels SO long ago, I need another holiday of doing absolutely nothing!

    The feel of sunshine... aaaahhh!

  4. Bristol is too far for me moneywise for the train is just crap even though i live in Plymouth. annnd i'm in portugal on the 12th :( boo.

    I love your list of inspirations. So traditional and naturally beautiful :) xx

  5. Sing a long worthy tunes are theee best! What an interesting idea for a hide away den in the last image, ha! surreal.

  6. Love love loved reading your list Bee, I think I'm going to dig out my little, neglected journal and make a similar list right after I post this comment (: Gosh you're making me excited for your holiday, something is a little off right there! Going to pop you and Lyzi an email each now I think. xx

  7. Yay, going to get a holiday form tomorrow and book that day off! Will email you if this is all okay :) Fingers crossed they let me have it off.

  8. Great pictures! Loving your blog :) x

  9. I love you, Bee! Those pictures you picked out are so ridiculously inspiring! xo

  10. that last photos is just magical.. love it <3

  11. Loved reading your list, and the pictures are very inspiring! Gutted I'm working aug 12th and can't book it off :(

    L x

  12. This, this I love. I love lists, they are the best thing. My mother despairs because scraps of papers with lists on them fall out of every handbag I own.

    Inspiring to me at the moment- strong business people- entreprenuers who have come up with something brilliant and made it work for them, and particularly the ones that take the time to remember to give people bold enough to ask for it, a leg up and a bit of advice.

  13. Those pictures are lovely, making me feel all calm & serene! The list was nice to read too, I definitely will be making one as soon as I've typed up this comment! Maybe it will improve my mood & inspire me to stop being a mardy cow.

    I can't wait to run away from reality for a week of relaxation in my polka dot shorts. - sounds like heaven xx


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