Things I Like About Summer

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sight and hearing
 tranquil bays, contented seas, lemon trees, harry potter on the big screen, floral fields, sun kissed tans, Best Coast, burying feet in the sand, she & him, clouds, lazing around guilt-free, favourite songs playing on the radio, greek food, budgie smugglers, balcony views, bob marley playlists, beach fun, freckled noses, bicycle tyres on gravel pathways, old school hip hop 

smell and taste
ice cold lemonade & lime, bbq food, flowers in bloom, ice cream van treats, fresh sun cream, sweet fruit cocktails, smoked salmon suppers, mish mash pasta dishes, chilled pitchers, seafood, lunchtime peach schnapps, summer perfumes, freshly cut grass 

canary yellow shorts, bikinis, mint coloured nails, colour coloured pedis, bracelet jangles, a book a day, sand between toes, summer breeze, celebrations, beach hair, picnics. 




  1. Yay I love these summer posts!!! Hope the steroids sort you out lady! I had to go on them a couple summers ago and every kept joking how I was gunna be BUFF by the end of summer... didn't happen :P
    Where in Greece are you going? Greece is my favourite and my parents are off their again in two weeks and I'm beyond jealous!!

    L x

  2. love this post! makes me feel all warm and happy inside. :) pissed myself at the thought of you being a beefcake! HAHAH! xxx

  3. Such a lovely post with beautiful photographs! Greece will be wonderful, I have never been before but I imagine it is beautiful.

  4. ahh i long to go on holiday! these pics are making me want to go see some sun so badly!

  5. lovely post, event more excited for summer now! xx


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