Monday, 25 April 2011

Things That Make Me Happy 33

h is for happy vivatramp top uk lifestyle blogs

trying new things 
understanding things in different languages
playing games of 'what if...'

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.



  1. I love the smell of BBQ food, makes me wanna be outdoors too.

  2. omg, toasted marshmallows are sooo good!!

    am currently eating chocolate icecream with easter eggs and hundreds & thousands whilst browsing blogs - so feeling pretty happy right now:) x

  3. this is such a lovely list, i agree with them all but especially the last one. that's so sweet and exactly what i'm thinking at the moment. glad you're enjoying the early summer! :) x

  4. i love bonfires. H A T E camping but love bonfires..haha.
    have a wonderful week beautiful.

  5. Love all of these, happppppppppppy xx

  6. Mmm I love a good BBQ, and toasting marshmallows is my fave part! Love the last one too, might have to scribble that on a Post-it for my mirror (: xxxx

  7. ahh that soda looks delicious- and shaun of the dead is a fantastic movie! (it got me a bit scared, though.) :) xx

  8. I'm loving the nice weather.. perfect timing with all these bank holiday weekends! And nothing beats a nice ice cold glass of coke! x

  9. Me and Ben have too many zombie apocolypse plans. It just depends on the time and place but we have nailed it down to T ;)

  10. It's always hard when you have to say goodbye to someone, but it sounds like you are definitely make the most of your time!

  11. Glad you have been enjoying the sunny weather; sorry you have had to say goodbye to the boy for a little while but sounds like you are being very productive and positive which is good :) Ice cold coke and barbecues are the bestest!

  12. Love this weeks H is for Happy. Had a BBQ this week and enjoyed every second. Unfortunately it's now raining after spending Easter Sunday in shorts and a bikini.

    And *airpunchjumpingupanddown* for not being afraid to be yourself.

  13. thank you so much for always leaving such lovely genuine comments on my blog :)
    i just wanted to say you have a very inspiring blog I read every post and you have a beautiful way of writing.
    your feature on me right at the beginning helped me get my first 15 followers for which i will always be grateful :)
    I think your fab
    Ashley x

  14. Ooh, a wafting bbq <3 I still haven't had one yet! And I've been drinking way too much coca cola in the sunshine :)

    Rosie x

  15. this was a boost of positivity i needed! xx

  16. lovely photos--they remind me of summertime, my favorite! as for the job, that will come. enjoy the time that you have not working while you have it:)


  17. yes to all of these things! so cute and inspirational!

  18. Such a cute list of things! I love the smell of bonfires and bbqs, they are the best part about summer :)

    Maria xxx

  19. I absolutely love toasting marshmallows!


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