Things That Make Me Happy 32

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woodland walks
neatly organised flatlays
being a passionate 'fan' of things
a lemonade and lime in the summer
mobile libraries in postboxes and such

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.



  1. that tree house is so pretty, i want to sit and there and read as it seems so peaceful xo

  2. hope you have a lovely time with luke before he goes back beautiful! enjoy it xo

  3. Loving your picks for this week. I have 2 more weeks before I head back to sit my exams leaving The Guy behind here. HISS BOO. Making me happy this week are the 2 days I have planned with The Guy- making the most of the time before I disappear. Nothing special, cooking, maybe a few wanders in the sun and eating. Lots of eating.

    Have fun with the cupboard. Considering clearing out mine instead of doing another exam paper translation.

  4. That treehouse is the prettiest thing I've seen! I'm storing up ideas for my dream house... Good call on the lemonade and lime, I could definitely do with one of those. One week till my boy goes back too, yuck. xx

  5. I'm moving out soon and I was in the attic throwing out all my ols school work and toays this weekend, so sad x

  6. Woodland walks are so perfect. I am ever the clumsy one when embarking on them though, one of my ex-boyfriends pretty much gave up home with going for walks with me ;) And I am in absolute agreement on the Tumblr note, so much inspiration comes from there recently! xo

  7. Tumblr is very addictive! and walks in the woods are heaven, not knowing where you're really going and investigating all the detailing of the trees and previous footsteps in the dirty ground! I could spend ages in them! and I've spring cleaned my entire room, chucked out a bunch of stuff I don't need - I'm a bit of a horder, ahhh! So I feel a bit refreshed which is a great feeling! Hope you're well :) x

  8. eep that treehouse is gorgeous! i'd love to live there :) and woodland walks are lovely, although i'm hopeless with directions and always get lost. tumblr is insanely addictive as well.. :) lovely as always x


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