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  1. sipping cold drinks in the sun ... heaven!
    bring on the summer i say :) though i suppose in Britain summer doesn't always equal sun!

  2. Ooh good luck for training!

    I'm happy cos March = my bday, but also essay deadlines...aaargh!

  3. i've had so much more of a craving for homemade food since ive been at uni, ive been trying to make one casserole a week :)
    Rosie xo,

  4. Love that shot of all the starbucks drinks lined up in the sun - so cute! And oh, still my beating heart! I miss homemade food - I'm currently living somewhere where I can't cook, but next week we move into somewhere where I *will* be able to - I'm so excited! Brilliant post, hey :)

  5. What an inspirational quote! good luck with training, yay for having a job!! :) I"m sure you'll be great!

  6. daisy chains! I feel 8 years old again! x

  7. Ahh I used to love making daisy chains! Makes me wan't the Summer to hurry up even more now. Those Starbuck's drinks look delicious too!

    I've been feeling a little down lately so I'm considering starting these happy posts, hopefully to improve my mode a bit and to think about all the little things in life, I hope you don't mind :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your boy sweetie xo

  8. those drinks look so refreshing! they're making me thirsty ! the sun has been making me happy this week. weather has a huge impact on my mood so i always look forward to this time of year.

    good luck at the new job :) xx

  9. that foodie picture is making me seriously hungry! being a lazy student really makes me miss home cooked food :(!

    lovely post :) x

  10. Because it's still cold out, I love having nights in with my boy, just lazing around. Might not be much but it makes me happy. ^-^

  11. nice pictures

  12. I'de love a pomegranate and peach frappachino right now mmmm.
    Have fun on your training :)

  13. i would love to have a big tall glass of passion fruit tea from starbucks..yumm!!!
    lovely post as always beautiful! <3
    have a wonderful week..

  14. ooh i'd love a nice tea right about now. nummy :)
    right now adele's new cd and my friends make me happy x


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