Things That Make Me Happy 21

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swing chairs
cake...that simple really 
pink against blue
making online friends
pick n mix

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.



  1. i deffinetely agree with the doodles and the perfect view with someone you love :) I really love your blog, its so kitsch and cute :) xxx

  2. Lovely post, as usual! And such a great way to start a dreary Monday. Hope you have a lovely time at home x

  3. That doodle is ace! As is that child, but don't think that means I'm broody - I'm not!

    Penny x

  4. That is one cute hat! Babies freak me out though :(

  5. Ahhh thinking of how I'd decorate my house. I think I've been planning since I was 5!! Buying travel items makes me happy this week, makes it all seem so real :)

    L x

  6. Oh my gosh, that baby is so so adorable!
    I wish I could decorate my flat the way I wanted, I have rented one so can't do anything :(
    Hope you had a lovely weekend darling, and have a great week! xo

  7. N'awh that baby is so cute (: I'm really excited to decorate my new bedroom in the house I'm getting with my best friend! xxx

  8. That baby is the cutest! Ahh the dimples! A baby's laugh is the best sound ever.
    And i always dream of how i'd decorate my own place, i always lust after decorating mags!

  9. love your style and love your blog! please follow my blog! x

  10. I completely agree with all of this! Oh my gosh, that baby is just too cute for words. I need that hat in my life, haha.
    And I'm constantly daydreaming of my future house and decorating it! I honesty can't wait, especially for the garden. It's seems like so much fun!

  11. antiques and antique shopping ALWAYS make me happy!
    that baby is pretty cute too..hahha!!
    have a wonderful week love!

  12. nice post and the flowerprint on your bedspread is sooo lovely :)

    I will follow you, may you could follow us too ? Would be nice

  13. aww that baby is so adorable! look at those dimples! haha xxx

  14. this may sound silly but what's been making me happy are the OPI matte velvet and the shattered top coats... they're really stunning. lovely post, bee. <3

  15. I love picturing my future house too!
    And feeling a bit broody are we?! ;)

    Rosie x

  16. omg that baby ahahha!

  17. Ahh that doodle is amazing haha! I keep dreaming of how i'd decorate my apartment when i get one, which will be...well not anytime soon haha! :(

  18. Tehe, That baby is adorable. I want to eat him up (in a nice way of course).
    I see too many sweet babies at Debenhams and just want to give them a cuddle but I don't know if their mothers would be best pleased.

  19. I saw that hat on etsy before!


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