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  1. Bookshops, letters in the post, cuddling up to my cat, and a wardrobe bursting full of vintage clothes...all make me happy! xx

    p.s I spent all day Saturday planning my London trip and used your blog as a huge referance of places/names to visit and see. I'm only there for two days but I seem to have lots on the agenda!

  2. I agree with everything in here, all of these make me happy. Glad you've decided to be positive, I've decided I'm going to be like it too xxx

  3. all of these make me happy! but also :
    my lava lamp (its all pretty and shiny)
    cups of tea <33 (with lots of sugar, obviously ;])
    aaand catching up with ollddddd friends :) xx

  4. I got a really pretty diary/notebook for Christmas, and instead of writing what I've done that day in it (because I never manage to keep those sort of diaries up and to be honest I don't really do a lot :/) I write one thing that made me smile each day in it, it's really good to look through it when I'm feeling a bit low. I've only got a few so far, but my favourites are "laughing in the back of my friends car after seeing a really good film", "singing always look on the bright side of life whilst driving around a random village being hopelessly lost with my mate" (yeah, I really need to learn to drive myself so my friends have to stop giving me lifts everywhere...) and "texting someone a crappy joke just to cheer them up". smiles :) xx

  5. I love reading these posts you do. Definitely a mood lifter x

  6. Ahh the ambiance in book shops... I'm pretty sure that could perk up my mood no matter how rubbish I was feeling. Just the thought made me smile! Great post :)

    L x

  7. Yay - totally agree with all your points! I have started to keep a "happy diary" where instead of moaning about my day I just write down a couple of things that have made me smile that day. So glad you are having a good 2011 so far x

  8. I agree with you on every single one! I haven't been to a gig in a while though :( seeing taylor swift soon though!! XX

  9. i love when you are having a horrible day and then out of the blue you get this calm feeling & then it makes you realize that life is not that bad!! :)

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE bookstores...i could spend hours in one all day everyday!
    have a wonderful week love!

  10. I love receiving post! (apart from bank statements). I love it when you've ordered something but forgotten. Then it surprises you in the post!


  11. wow... I love this blog :) I'm followin


  12. heey :) thankyou for your comment on my post :) i agree with wearing boy's jackets :) there always bigger and smell nice :) im now following you, i love your blog :) its really inspiring. Could you follow me back? :) xxx

  13. All your above happy things make me smile: good choices! It makes me happy getting nice comments on my blog - who doesn't like that?
    Keep up the good, and happy, work :) xx

  14. Three cheers for positivity!
    I love a good moan as much as the next girl but you just can't beat being genuinely happy.

  15. I love your positivity Bee! And your picks are perfect. Congrats again on finding a flat - so chuffed for you and your boyf. When do you move in? x

  16. i love your H ♥ for happy...being happy is what life is all about. i am currently working on a happiness project for 2011. each month i focus on something different remembering to carry forward what i did in previous months...simple things like getting organized, remembering love, aiming higher, having fun and laughing often, making time for myself, buying a little happiness (needful things), finding my inner peace etc.

    thank you for reminding me to be happy today and every're the best!


  17. I need to write this down, its hard to forget the little things that do make you happy. Good idea girl :)

  18. Lots of lovely happies! I am made happy by the thought of adventuring to new places and getting new tattoos! The thought of summer ahead makes me squeash with delight!

    R x

  19. Around this time of year, the "winter blues" hits me pretty hard, so along with writing and thinking about what makes me happy, I dance around to upbeat songs in my room and try to soak up as much sun as I can to make myself feel happier. it totally works! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jay

  20. I'm hoping to be more positive this year, and agree with the first one :)
    Love reading this feature! xx

  21. loved this post - such a pick-me-up!

    happy happy happy :)

  22. @Alice;Oooh, great things ;) Aww, I am so glad they were useful for you. Have an amazing time (:

    @FromGemWithLove; I'm glad Gem. You deserve to be positive!

    @Rosie; Ooh, I love cups of tea and catch ups!

    @GirlInTheKneeSocks; That's a verrrrrrry good idea. I hope this year is a very happy year for you (: Great things.

    @Vicky; Aww, I'm so glad people enjoy reading them! Thanks Vicky.

    @HalfDressed;Bookstores are just the nicest places when you want to escape! Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

    @Nic'sNotebook; Ooh, that's a great idea. I hope it really helps you sweet.

    @Indigo; I haven't been to a gig in a while either! Not since last May - ouch! Going to Blink in July though. Have an amazing time at Taylor Swift.

    @gee; Yessssssss, that feeling is the best! Glad you share my appreciation for bookstores! Thanks sweet. Have a lovely week.

    @[Anna]; Haha yeah, it's definitely a nice feeling!

    @LittleMissCurious; Ooh, hello new follower! I hope you have fun over here at vivatramp (:

    @Louisa; Thanks sweet. Glad you like my blog! I usually just tend to follow blogs that I like. I'm not really a fan of being asked but I do like your blog so (:

    @FashionBandit; Yeah, that's always re-assuring/lovely! Thank you sweetie. I sure will!

    @LittleMittens.; You really can't (: I honestly hope it's a happy year for me and my followers.

    @Sofia'sJournal; Thanks sweetness. I think we all need a bit of a lift right around now. Not til September sweet! Hope everything gets sorted with your flat!

    @lindsay; Oooh, that's a great idea. Good luck with your happy ideas! That's okay sweet. Thank you for reading!

    @Brittany; Haha, I think it's a great way to inject a little happiness in your life!

    @TheRobynDiaries; Oooh new tatts? Lovely! I know, I honestly cannot wait.

    @JayFletch; Oooh, very good idea! Although, we don't really get much sun here at the moment! That's okay sweet. Thanks for reading.

    @dan; Keep smiling :)

  23. @christie; It certainly is! Thanks sweet.

  24. i just found your blog and i love it, you come across as so lovely & inspiring.

    what makes me smile:
    - a good book
    - getting surprises
    - a bargain
    - a long bubble bath
    - spending time with my mum
    -having enough 'me' time in the busy working week.

    that's all i can think of, for now!

    hope you have a great day, lots of love,


  25. these posts make me happy! like a reminder of everything there is worth smiling about :) xx

  26. such a perfect post! Really wonderful pictures and very inspiring. love the blog dear xxx

  27. I love your happy posts; I think I am going to have to make my own list of things that make me happy. I spend a lot of time trying to make other people happy but sometimes, of course, that makes me happy too. Bubble baths, me time, receiving post, good times with friends and good food. Mainly home comforts really; can't beat a long bath and clean bedsheets!xxx

  28. i'm excited for my LFW invites arriving in the post :) lovely blog as always! xx


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