Things That Make Me Happy 17

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coming out the other side of tough times
easter chocolates
weeping willows

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.




  1. combine the sparkle and leopard print = super happy :3 x

  2. Nice picks Bee, loving a spot of leopard too! Ross is making me happy this week by buying me old books :) Hope all's well sweet, Sally x

  3. Ordering a new netbook, and being invited to lunch :)

  4. Lovely things as always :) I love those leopard print DMs - my 12 year old cousin has some! She literally is too cool for school.
    I'm getting my glitter on making christmas stuff today :)

  5. There is nothing better than leopard print and a bit of sparkle! :)

  6. bee,

    just a lil comment to let you know i still love your blog, even though i haven't commented lately, i still reeeeaaad :)

    love, emma xx

  7. Standing up to tough moments is such a big thing for me, I wish I had done this during a sticky situation I was in this year, but I didn't and I do regret that.

    Re: The new year cut down, I am planning on doing the same, lol, I was trying to lose weight before xmas, or at least a few pounds, but I am close to giving up now that I see roast dinners and JD's in my near future.

  8. Your blog is so lovely :) x

  9. friends are making me so happy at the moment, photos with friends especially warm my heart =] x

  10. Great feature, love all those things! The one thing making me happy this week is being back in my hometown of Bournemouth, visiting the fam for a couple of days :) x

  11. Love those glitter pots! No better time to shine than Christmas, I love your photos, they all look so cute!


  12. replace a touch of sparkle with LOADS of sparkle :p xxx


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