Things That Make Me Happy 16

christmas happy list vivatramp

the post dinner nap
exchanging gifts
party games
she and him festive albums
prawn cocktail for starter

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  1. I totally agree with what you love about Christmas! I love the run up to Christmas, it's always so exciting! I haven't started my Christmas shopping at all though, I was trying to be organised as well.. my bad. :)


  2. These are 100% me favourite things to do.. get drunk, be stupid and eat too much ahah great Happies!

    R x

  3. Haha, amazing. I love food.

    Rosie x

  4. This just about sums up christmas for me too though would you believe I have never been kissed under mistletoe?!

    Another of my favourites is when Starbucks first start selling their Christmas drinks and get the red cups in.. thats when I start to feel festive! :)

    Red hair sounds amazing! Have a good week.


  5. Good luck with your hair dye, always wanted my hair red. Drunk dancing is THE BEST especially when you are sitting down watching other people drunk dance. I've never been kissed under mistletoe :( I think I pig out from Dec 1st and stop Jan 1st, love it xx

  6. hahah food bloat!!! i get that every xmas! its bloody painful!! gotta love christmas thou!! im putting extra effort into wrapping my pressies this year, attaching candy canes to all my presents :) xo

  7. so much happiness comming from here :D

  8. mmm yes please, especially the pigging out! x

  9. Hehe - that last photo is definitely me! :) I was all organised with my shopping but then we got burgled and now everything is a bit overwhelming. This photo has reminded me of the happiness of xmas though! :)) x

  10. This post has made me feel very festive :) love it x

  11. Nice selection sweetie! I love all of these, YAY for Christmas! Sally x

  12. haha amazing, loved these pics. They illustrate exactly what I love about the festive period xx

  13. These are my fav things to do at christmas aswell! Along with watching crap british christmas tv of course! I need to do my christmas shopping yet, havent even started! haha

  14. i'm not in the christmas mindset, but this reminds me that christmas is not far away! such a sweet post :) and by the way 079 is definitely my favourite! christmas dinners are the best.

  15. My word, I love drunken dancing. Then I get up in the morning and remember I danced like a crazy person all night, and cringe...

  16. Firstly, GORGEOUS new layout lovely! :) I really love the floral look, and the colour co-ordination is just gorge. Really nice.

    Spot-on selection of Christmassy delights, I must say my favourite part has to be the food! Bread sauce... mmmm.....

    jazzy ♥

  17. I LOVE your blog!! its a great read!! these pictures are amazing, one by one!
    Im so glad i discovered your blog!! Im gonna follow you!

    Hope you visit and follow me back,
    that would be amazing!!


  18. i love pigging out at chirstmas dinner.
    best thing in the world.
    i am counting down the days til xmas!!
    have a great week love.

  19. cute post! love it :)

  20. i like this feature! i especially like the dodgy dancing :) i really love dancing like a fool...i don't even need to be drunk

  21. such a sweet post, i love this feature. Encapsulates all the merriment and fun to be had at xmas! Bring on the Quality Street...!!

  22. thanks for your comment, im sure you do suit headbands! giv em a go :) hehe. ooooo and your dying your hair red, awsummm! i so want red hair right now, but im too much of a chicken bcos i will probabally regret it haha. Have a good week

  23. Yay for christmas!
    I can't wait to get that very stuffed feeling after eating dinner :) It is all part of the fun!


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