Things That Make Me Happy 18

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festive scents of cinnamon and gingerbread
snow angels 
fairy lights
boxing day buffets
decorating the tree 

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  1. That last picture has made my day!
    Our biggest ritual that happens every year without fail is scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast, with a celebratory glass of champagne :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Rosie x

  2. No way :) haha. We ROCK! Enjoy yours!

    Rosie x

  3. Haha amazing photos, I love the dress-up dog, and the fairy lights one!! I wish we had more snow down here so I could make snow angels :( xxxxxx

  4. That last picture is so cute!

    One of our Christmas traditions is to get to open 1 present on Christmas Eve and it's always PJs to wear to bed that night. :) xx

  5. This is sucha cute post :) mmmm malibu and coke.. Love the snow angel pictures xx

  6. Lovely post! I'm feeling very festive now, can't believe Christmas is THIS WEEK though! hehe :D
    I love pets in costumes, not sure if they like it too much but it makes me laugh! I got a guinea pig Santa costume from poundland, it is sooooo funny! x

  7. ah love the photos! mega lolling at santa and your mums faves being the same ;) xxx

  8. I haven't got any cards yet and am getting a little bit freaked out! Ha yes to dressing up pets, Jasper has a santas oufit with his name on for when I get home this evening. Orange cats love it!

    R x

  9. bahaha...that pug picture is perfect. i love animals in outfits. <3
    have a wonderful week love.

  10. Oh gosh I love that last photo! So adorbs (: Hope you have the best Christmas, aaand fairy lights are my favourite thing in LIFE. Beside Ron Weasley of course. <3 xxxx

  11. Hooray for Dexter and for dogs in Christmas costumes! I am a big malibu and coke lover too so I am stoked that me and Santy Claus share the same favourite tipple! :D

  12. hahah love that dog, I have a big dog and you can't get anything cute for them :(

  13. @Rosie; I love how we have the same Christmas breakfast (: Enjoy yours too.

    @Lyzi; Aww, you not got enough? You can have some of ours sweet.

    @Charlene; It certainly is! Aww, that sounds so cute. I'd love to open one on Christmas Eve

    @Ella; Gotta love Malibu. Thanks hun!

    @Rebecca; It's insane isn't it! Guinea pig? Wow, I didn't know they made them!

    @Irene; Thanks sweet. Haha, it always confused me as a child.

    @TheRobynDiaries; AWW bet he looks so cute.

    @Gee; So cute isn't it. Have a lovely week.

    @Michelle; Thanks love. Have a good Christmas ;) Gotta love Ron!

    @cupcake_couture; So cute!

    @Rosie; Glad you like Dexter. Haha, aren't you lucky?!

    @Gem; N'aw, that's a shame :/

  14. such an adorable post! i love all those things too <3 merry christmas!

  15. @Maddy; Thanks sweet! You too.


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