Things That Make Me Happy 7

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the snooze button 
karaoke nights
instax camera photographs
making ridiculous playlists
on offer ice cream tubs 

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  1. Glad you had a lovely weekend sweet! I miss driving, really need to book a couple of lessons, as my test is coming up sooner than I had imagined. Hope the tablets don't have a bad effect on you ): Love that breakfast photo! Makes me want the morning to come around in a seriously strange way! xxxx

  2. Hi dearest! I'm glad you were able to see your sweetheart. I really hope that your body does accept the medicine and that you feel better soon! AMEN about a lot of people not being able to drive well. Haha. Plus, that breakfast pictures is sooooooooo friggin' yummy looking! I'm about to head to the kitchen now to make just that! Haha. Have a wonderful Monday hun! :)

  3. planning a holiday is amazing. especially when it's with your best friends! oh to have some of that excitement in my life :)

    love your blog and this feature!


  4. Shutter Island is really strange! I didn't guess what was happening and it really got me, haha!
    I hope everything goes well with the medicine too :)
    oh & those eggs look yummy in that picture. My eggs never look that delish!

    Kyrie x

  5. i still haven't seen Shutter Island, but I hear it's really good. I plan on watching it soon. and planning a trip sounds so fun right now, too bad it's the worst time of year to plan a vacation on a count that xmas is right around the corner! gah!

  6. Oooh that pic of the eggs on toast is making me hungry!! Love planning holidays too, so exciting!

  7. Love these pics! I press snooze on my alarm way too much :P

  8. The hut island looks so magical! The crystal clear waters are calling my name.

  9. where do you even get toast that thick? mamma wants!

  10. yes a great breakfast is the best thing, really especially after a fun late night! we have been taking pictures like made, we are obessed with taking pictures and then getting them developed!


  11. Such a cute post, am loving your blog!

    Sally from Louder Than Silence x


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