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  1. Awh I bet you're so excited to see the boy next weekend! You're handling it all really well as well (: I love that little moustache tattoo photo with the kitten, so adorable! xx

  2. haha. if handling it is crying at least once a day ;)
    mmm. just putting up with it for the time being. roll on may!

  3. Awe...It's a ok my deary. Just glad to see you back here. I love Yvette Infunio's(spellcheck?) photography too....#23? Hope you're having a better day! My little sister's boyfriend went away to college too in July and they use Skype all the time too. Know that time will be faster than you think. :)

  4. Ahhh aren't personal statements just the most annoying thing?!

    I love that first picture. I'm just in love with fairy lights, can't stop buying them!

    Hope it get's easier with the boyf, I'm sure it will.

    Chloe... x

  5. organized mess? story of my life. :)

  6. PS. I gave you an award! The post is scheduled for tomorrow. :)

  7. love the pictures i read your blog and smiled :)

    stop by sometime<3

  8. You must be excited to see him :))) Fantastic photos you chose!
    I'd be glad if you found the time to visit my blog - if you like it (and I hope you will), feel free to comment and follow of course (Who would have thought, huh? :)))


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