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My Favourite Things 1

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I'm forever going on and on about my current favourite things in various Whatsapp and irl conversations so I thought I may as well share some of those favourites with you on Vivatramp every now and again, if you'd like, in the hope that you may be able to recommend me wonderful things off the back of them. 

I'm entirely self-serving. You should know that by now...

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rimmel lipstick in 'boho nude'

Everyone and their dog has been wearing nude lipsticks lately and so I thought I'd do away with my usual pink and coral tones and give a more neutral look a go. And pals, I'm really enjoying it! This is the first of the nudes that I purchased - one of the new Kate Moss for Rimmel anniversary lipsticks in 'Boho Nude'. I was actually after the other nudes in the collection but this one looks just as pretty on so there are no complaints from me. I think it works particularly well with my blue eyes and my eternal love of bronzer. I've been wearing a lot of liquid lipsticks of late so it's nice to have this more moisturising option to hand. What are we thinking? 

stranger things what to watch on netflix lifestyle bloggers in the uk

stranger things

Stranger Things has become a phenomenon, of sorts, so it was only right that Luke and I got on board as soon as it hit Netflix. The hype is entirely warranted. The children are perfectly cast and hugely talented, the tone is consistent and the horror well measured, and the soundtrack is fantastic. We are definitely going to give it a re-watch and I am living for the day they announce a second series! 

If you've yet to dip your toes in, Stranger Things is a new-to-Netflix supernatural horror TV show about a group of people that have to confront terrifying forces when a young boy goes missing. If you've time to spare, hold a marathon. Don't forget a cushion to peek out from because it is genuinely terrifying at times.

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cat mug

I'm of the belief that mugs, glasses, all receptacles really, should be bowl-sized or at least sizeable enough for one to rest comfortably in the knowledge that they won't have to get up for a refill for at least two hours. 

This mug that I bought a year ago from Anthropologie continues to be the perfect mug - bowlesque, pastel pink and adorned with cats. If pastel pink isn't really your bag, they have you covered with pastel blue or midnight blue options. Pretty perfect gift too if you ask me.

life itself by glass animals 

Glass Animals are a band from Oxford and they're back with a new album, How To Be A Human Being, and the first track that they've released is entitled 'Life Itself'. I have been playing it on repeat for the past few weeks and I am still yet to get sick of it. If you've yet to listen to Glass Animals, they kinda sound like the band Wild Beasts taking a tumble in your old primary school's instruments cupboard. Give it a go.

blogosphere magazine vivatramp uk lifestyle blog

blogosphere magazine* 

Magazines are, largely, a thing of the past for me. Long gone are the days where I would rock up at the supermarket after school on a Wednesday to buy the latest installment of Kerrang. However, it's something that I am slowly getting back into. I am featured in the latest edition of Blogosphere Magazine, in the lifestyle edit, that you can purchase online or via the stockists listed on the website, and I am hugely proud to be included in such a well-produced magazine. This edition features lots of blogs for you to browse through, tips for blogging on a budget, musings on blogger friendships and much more. 

Thank you Blogosphere Magazine for existing and for creating a further sense of community, and thank you Becky for deciding to feature me. 


I really enjoy diving into niche areas of Youtube and, at the moment, one of my most-visited areas is Sims Lets Builds. If I'm doing a bit of housework, or want to watch something before bed, I turn to Maddy's Sims youtube channel and the like for background viewing. I just love the creativity of the builds that I've viewed so far, from treehouses to glass nightclubs, from elaborate gardens to teeny lakehouses. I'll never make a square bungalow again, that's for sure!

And those are just a few of my current favourites! Do you have anything to recommend me based on the aforementioned favourites? Alternatively, I'd love to know 3 things that you're currently loving in the comments below! Or, you can tweet me @vivatramp. Carrier pigeons presently not accepted.



  1. If you're looking for another nude lipstick that is matte but still moisturising & comfortable to wear then I definitely recommend the GOSH velvet matte lipsticks! I have Antique which is a browny pink shade but I bought my best friend the shade Nougat for her birthday which is a really pretty 'true nude' and she agrees it's v comfy to wear. I loved this post Bee & would love to see more 'favourite' posts from you! (:

  2. I loved reading this and holy moly, that cat mug is life :D

  3. That lipstick and the cat mug ❤️

    Love it!

    Mel ★

  4. I'm obsessed with watching Sims 4 builds, they take up about 80% of my subscriptions on YouTube! Maddy's channel is excellent, The Sim Cache and Devon Bumpkin are worth checking out; their attention to detail in their builds is mind-boggling.

    Kate /

  5. I am obsessed with Sims builds at the moment too! I just find them so relaxing to have on in the background while I'm sat at the computer. I love Maddys and also HattySims is a good one! xx

  6. It's subtle but I love the lipstick! I also love sims builds, I love TheSimsSupply his videos are worth checking out too! :)

    Amy at

    1. thank you!

      yes, i watch the sims supply - loved his nightclub video and the little lakehouse!

  7. The shade of the lipstick is so gorgeous! Also, I've been thinking about watching Stranger Things. I might in a bit. Lovely picks as favourites! xx

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

  8. I love Stranger Things! I've already watched it twice and I can't wait for the second season! Also, I've never heard of Blogosphere magazine before, but I'm currently browsing their site! Thanks for sharing :)


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