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Hello, February! | Monthly Goals

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Last month, I shared my 2014 goals with you. To help myself meet these resolutions, I like to set myself miniature monthly goals that go someway to working towards the bigger ones. I didn't post my January goals, but I did note them down in my notebook, so in the interests of documenting progress, I thought I'd share the results with you today as well as sharing my goals for the month of February with you. Please leave your very own monthly goals in the comments below, if you'd like to!

january goals

+ launch the finer things club {done!}
Luke and I launched The Finer Things Club on the 1st January, so this goal was ticked off pretty quickly! If you weren't already aware, The Finer Things Club is a lifestyle blog that I co-write with Luke. We blog monthly film reviews, copious amounts of lists, challenges and adventures. We are both really enjoying the experience so far, and I definitely forgot how exciting it is to start a new blog! We are hoping to introduce new topics this month, and we're also hoping to post a lot more adventure posts in the next few weeks. The Finer Things Club meets every Wednesday and Sunday so make sure you hop on over there later on to see what we've got in store for today's post. 

+ go to some writing events {DONE!}
I find going to events where you don't really know anyone quite daunting, so I was really quite proud of myself for managing to tick this off the list. Luke and I went to a Writing and Self Publishing event at Foyles in Bristol a few weeks ago. The event was really informative, and I came away with lots of scibbled notes in my journal. We actually blogged our day over on The Finer Things Club, so feel free to check that out. We are hoping to go to quite a few more before the year is out so watch this space.

+ read 10 books {DONE!}
I sometimes feel like social media, and the internet in general, is rotting my brain. How Daily Mail of me! In all seriousness though, I really want 2014 to be a good year for me creatively and ~intellectually, so I'm trying to read more books and treat my brain to some good things!  I also have a billion books on my bookshelf that I still need to read so...I wasn't too hard on myself when it came to this goal, because whilst I want to read more, I don't want to take the books I'm reading for granted, and I don't want to find myself focusing on a number too much. I managed to read 11 books in January and I'm quite chuffed. I also managed to read 2 books from my 2014 TBR list! 

+ make a good head start with my resolutions {DONE!}
I'm the sort of person that needs to turn making progress with my resolutions into a goal because otherwise I would cast them aside and ignore them. It's sort of difficult to gauge this one but I think I made some really great progress last month so I'm ticking it off. I just need to start working on my sleeping routine and then I'll have begun work on each of my resolutions! 

monthly goals

february GOALS

My body clock is completely messed up. I've had troubles with my sleep for as long as I can remember and, as a result, it's very rare to find me in bed and asleep before the early hours of the morning. I want to aim to be in bed a couple of hours before midnight rears its shady head to encourage myself to get a good night's sleep. If you've got any tips for getting a good night's sleep, please leave them below!

+ unplug by midnight
As I've literally just said, I have trouble sleeping so I often find myself skulking around social media in the early hours of the morning to pass the time. I really want to stop this habit, because it really doesn't help my situation, and it makes my brain more awake than it should be at 3am. I'm aiming to avoid browsing the apps on my phone by at least midnight in order to encourage sleep.  

I've come a long way when it comes to my anxiety and the way I view myself. However, I still find myself doubting my capabilities, especially when it comes to writing fiction. I've got tons and tons of inspiration and a mass of ideas, I just need to sit down and play around with them instead of worrying about things. I'm aiming to make February the month I put pen to paper and get started on this project. 

+ read 10 books
January was a really great reading month for me, and it's something I want to continue doing this month. I want to read widely, and maybe tackle some of the books I've had on my shelves for quite a while, as well as the ones I have purchased quite recently. I've still got a ridiculous amount of books to get through, so this is probably going to be a monthly goal for a long time! 

I think I'm doing pretty well this year! If I tackle my sleeping routine this month, I think I'll be well on my way to a productive few months. Let me know how your resolutions are going in the comments, and let me know what your mini goals are for this month if you set yourself some. I'm off to get started! ♥ 




  1. I have monthly goals too or else I'll just waste my time. Here's the link to the blog post with mine if you want to check them out. I love your new blog and I am always looking forward your new recommendations.
    Andreea |

  2. Monthly goals is something I've started in 2014 too - I think they are a great way to keep yourself on track when it comes to achieving things (I'm not quite brave enough to post mine on my blog though). Well done for meeting all your goals in January, what a great to start to the new year. I wish you all the best with February's goals, particularly the goal of starting your novel. I also like to write fiction - I did have a novel very nearly completed, as in several drafts, much editing etc, but then both my laptop and USB broke (lucky huh) so now I'm working on that novel again from the bare bones (very first draft) that I found on an older USB. That was a bit of ramble - I wish you luck! It can be scary putting pen to paper and even sharing said work with those around you but you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment after all your hard work.
    Bits & Bobs

  3. Love that you set yourself monthly goals, I really need to start reading goals as well. Hope the novel writing goes well (:

  4. Big well done on achieving your January goals! Have you read the Hunger Games trilogy yet?! I'm currently on the third book, they're so addictive! xx

  5. I think I'm going to start showing what I've read somewhere on my blog as well; considering I want to be a novelist, I really need to get back into the habit of reading constantly! I've really been unbelievably busy with school but I'll just have to make time :)
    Lovely Notions

  6. Look at you and your goals! Freakin' amazing! All my goals this year (I've been setting mine on a monthly basis too) have been fitness related, purely by chance. I wanted to cycled 300KM in Jan, and managed 325. This month I want to try for 350KM, and I want to try something new sport/activity wise each month. Not a new goal, but an ongoing struggle is financial planning. Such hard work, but I finally feel like I've formed better habits for money.

    re: sleeping, I find audiobooks really helpful, and actually my Audible subscription is the one luxury I have held on to subscription wise. I find having it on a low volume for 45 mins with the sleep timer is enough to take my mind off whatever else is going on, and enough to concentrate on that isn't the sounds of the East End disturbances, but not so distracting that I can't switch off.

    The other best tip I've ever had is to set a routine before bed. As it trains your mind to get ready for sleep if you follow the same routine before going to be each night- for me, that's always turning the lights down/putting a lamp on rather than over head lights, pjs, big drink of water, teeth cleaning, 10 mins of whatever book I'm reading in German/French/Spanish, then set alarms, then lights out and audiobook. Always in this order, and always at a similar time on a week night. It's helped me no end, and by the time I have my drink of water, I'm already thinking of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  7. I love how motivated you are Bee. You do such good stuff. With the sleeping, my advice is to treat yourself like a small child. Set up a bedtime routine which is the same every night- have a hot drink, clean your face and teeth, switch all the electronic stuff off, have a read and then lights off and bedtime. It helped me so much with ridiculous insomnia. Also, never looking at the clock once you're in bed- I find myself calcualting how many hours sleep I'll get or getting frustrated or distracted. Also, recently I've been doing some relaxation stuff before bed which is very soothing. Tara Stiles Bedtime Yoga is lovely :)
    Chambray & Curls

  8. These sound like great goals - I'm starting work on my novel this month too! I've got the notebook and I'm in the planning stages at the moment but it's exciting to think that soon I can start drafting!!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  9. Yay for achieving the January goals! As to the getting to sleep earlier, this sounds daft but if I'm having trouble getting to sleep some nights I make sure I get up early(ish) the next morning to give my body clock a chance to even out. It works but the getting up part is so torturous... :)

  10. Yay for achieving your goals! I love your blog!!!

  11. Congratulations on achieving your January goals, well done! :) I wish I was doing so well with my resolutions..
    I wrote a post on my blog about getting the best sleep about a week ago, so you can check that if you want :)

  12. Well done for achieving your January goals! Lovely aims for February, too, good luck with them :)
    I love your journal!!

    Jess xo

  13. i love a list especially when you start being able to tick things off.

  14. i love a list especially when you start being able to tick things off.

  15. Hi Bee! I love your blog, your photography and editing skills are inspiring! Anyway, you should absolutely try getting that novel down. I only started writing a year ago but it's such a therapeutic hobby - even if you never share your work with anyone else. This is a bit forward, but if you're ever looking for a close-knit, friendly writing community to bounce ideas and techniques around, I have a group getting together on Skype for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month here in the US, though we have some international friends too!)

    Good luck with your March goals and getting your novel started!