Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Pretty and Pink Dress

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With its dusky pink hue, dainty pleats and pearl detailling, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I looked like a meadow princess. Ahem! This dress quite possibly works miracles: when it's not out saving the world, it's making me feel like a million pennies. Even though the winter months are drawing in, I'm still planning on getting a lot of wear out of this pastel beauty. I'm picturing suspender tights and a hat of some description or knee high socks and some sort of strappy shoe. I also need to remember to pick up a more colour appropriate belt to wear with it! How would you wear it for A/W? Leave me some styling ideas in the comments section! 

Usually, this sort of style of dress, with a high line above my boobies, doesn't work for me but I'm kind of embracing the silhouette it gives me - interestingly top heavy and hippy but still quite alluring. Unfortunately, I was blessed with a huge back and a wacking great pair of hips. However, I've come to realise that these can be good things and I kinda feel like that when I wear this beauty. It felt so wonderfully strange to take these photographs too. Maybe I should break out of my comfort zone more often?! (Or not, as the case may be....) I'm off to re-cooperate after this weekend's antics 




  1. That dress is so unbelievably pretty, you look lovely!

    Julia x

  2. you look truly beautiful bee :) i love the colour of the dress it really goes with your hair. haha join the club of big hips lol my shoulders are as wide as my brothers...go i am so attractive hahaha you look wonderful...i still wish you to marry you hahaha xxxxx

  3. Waaa what a beautiful lady, and the dress is okay too ;) such a pretty colour and the swan detailing is adorable. I'm such a sucker for animal motifs! I'd probs wear this with a huge chunky knit, little brogue boots and silly amounts of bracelets (: xxxx

  4. What a cute dress, I love the little swans <3 <3 xx

  5. What a gorgeous dress! (and lady wearing it, obviously). I'd definitely be tempted to go with tights and ankle boots once it gets a bit colder!

  6. like the dress! Looks very good on you :)

  7. What a lovely dress! Ladylike without being too old-fashioned. The lighting in your photo is gorgeous, too. I reckon something this girly should be clashed a bit so I'd go for a studded leather jacket and maybe some leather ankle boots with a chunky heel.


  8. I think I would wear that dress with a deep red belt and some black brogues, layered up with a nice thick tweed coat and deep red scarf. Personally I think pink is such a versatile colour, even for the autumn/winter.

    I really like outfit posts, I guess I am just nosy to see what people wear. I do think it is a good source of inspiration, much better than high-end fashion sites.

    Beautiful photographs by the way. :)

  9. Pretty lady! Lovely post as ever Bee!

    Amanda xo

  10. With a dress like this i would probably try to grunge it up
    a little for autumn/winter: so id pair it with ankle boots, and black tights or black patterned tights, and maybe a short blazer/jacket in a darker colour (black or deep plum). Over the knee sockswould be cool aswell. Pretty much doing this with all my summer dresses! :) xxx

  11. Oooh you look very pretty! Love the detailing at the top, and I think your idea of suspender tights and a hat would be perfect! I enjoyed the outfit post :)

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

  12. Love this post and the dress is lovely! So pretty. I too have a big back, so I know how amazing it is when something just fits perfectly!

  13. Gorgeous! You really suit that shade of pink, it's really flattering with your skin tone and hair colour. I'm always cautious of wearing anything that comes above the 'boobage line' as I can look quite top heavy! I think this dress balances things out though :)

    louisejoyb x

  14. Ah you are SUCH a beauty. I adore that on you, you look wonderful.

  15. This dress is so pretty, I love the pleats. x

  16. love the swan detailing! Gorgeous, outfit posts are a definite hit :) xxx

  17. You look lovely! I love the little swans, so cute :D
    I love the sound of this dress with suspender tights too!


  18. Absolutely beautiful dress, anything bird related and I'm hooked! I'd definitely love to see some fashion/OOTD posts :-) xxx

  19. Just entered! I think these photos are lovely and really show of the dress well, would definately be excited to see more outfit posts from you.

    For A/W I think I would style it with an oversized, slouchy, knitted cardigan and ankle boots in greys or browns.


  20. This is such a lovely, "dainty" dress - one that you wear brilliantly, by the way! There's something quite "Princess Peach" about this look - a very good thing, I assure you!
    In terms of styling: perhaps a tweed blazer with deep, chestnut colour ankle boots and knitted tights could work and may bring this more spring/summer-suited dress into the realms of autumn/winter.

    Best Wishes,


  21. very cute detailing on your dress <3 xx


  22. You look absolutely gorgeous! You should definitely post photos of your beautiful self more often please; I think they would be a nice mix in with your other posts :) Oh and you look like a right sultry screen siren in the fourth picture, off for a cold shower now! X


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