Friday, 8 July 2011

20 Things That Remind Me Of Childhood

things i learned in 24 years

rocking polka dots extremely well / south west coast beats / secret garden / yeah, bitches. i had a motherfucking plane!

It wasn't the easiest of times for myself and my family but I do look back on my childhood with warmth and a great sense of happiness. I wasn't a very demanding child at all. If you gave me a sand pit and a song to sing I'd be eternally grateful. The only thing I really demanded was that my Mother watch the same old shows with me every waking hour of the day. I can't thank her enough for sitting through the billionth sitting of Watch with Mother and various other shows of the same ilk. Childhood also reminds me of how amazing my grandparents are. It saddens me that my Grandad and Grandpa aren't here anymore to see just how much has changed and how much I wish to make them proud because they gave me some of the best times of my life. There are a billion things that fill me with childhood nostalgia but I thought I'd just stick to the first twenty things that came to mind. Growing up and being serious about things is one of the scariest things to deal with so I'm so grateful that within seconds I can think back to a much more carefree/less stressful time. To some extent, I was a very lucky child indeed. I'm off to go do a last minute shop for holiday goods! What reminds you of your childhood? 

1. going bat shit crazy and running around screaming 'SHEPPY PIE' whenever we had it for dinner

2. performing spice girl songs (complete with official dance routines) in the playground
3. gingham dresses
4. believing everything i was told
5. standing up on stage in front of the whole village and revealing my knickers to them all
6. sand pit fun
7. sticker earrings
8. mother's diedre from corrie glasses and horrendous perm
9. daisy print shoes from clarks
10. picking apples from the orchard with grandad
11. reciting the italian 1-10 over breakfast everyday
12. treating gel pen swaps like it was drug dealing
13. shouting 'UMMM IM TELLING MISS' when shit was about to go down
14. disinfectant tasting recorders in recorder class. bleugh!
15. country dancing               don't judge me
16. demanding that i watch mary poppins and the aristocats on a daily basis
17. wearing grandma's jumpers for comfort
18. falling asleep to the same old stories but loving them all the same
19. time with grandparents - the best times ever
20. beautiful carefree natures



  1. I'm almost 18, am I not allowed to wear Grandma's jumpers anymore? x

  2. Awww such a sweet post and such cute photos! <3
    Love your list too, especially number 16 - my daily film when I was little was... FLASH GORDON!! :D x x

  3. this was really sweet. i think preforming musicals/plays with model horses to my entire family (complete with soundtrack from lion king) was a pretty big and annoying part of my childhood for my parents! x

  4. Sweet stuff :) I had some pretty good times with my grandparents too, i miss those times. I need to make a date to go and see them again soon.
    I had so much love for sticker earrings, pretending that I even had a nose piercing if I remember correctly and thinking I was proper cool ;)

  5. Oh my god I remember the daisy print pumps from clarks ! I remember adoring them sooo much ! I love how life was so simple everyone would get exited over gel pens , especially smelly ones! I absolutely adore this post bee ! xxx

  6. So many things on your list remind me of my own childhood - I watched Mary Poppins OVER and OVER! And who could forget sticker earrings? I had Beauty and the Beast ones, I thought I was so cool.

  7. AWHHWH I had daisy print shoes from Clarks! I actually used to just love going to Clarks for fittings (Loser!). We too used to have that play stuff that your plane is made from! I think I was rather uninventive though and simply made a house! How square! xxx

  8. Amazingly cute post.. I used to make up dance routines to the spice girls in playground.. we got to perform in assembly once coz it was so good haha!


  9. This is so sweet:) The one about gel pens got me laugh so bad, me and my mates at elementary school were exactly the same:) competing who´s got more of them or better ones, fun times:)

  10. I love this list. me and my friend were in the pub the other day talking about how every girl our age must still know the whole dance routine for stop by the spice girls- I know i do!

  11. STICKER EARRINGS!!!! Ah they made my life complete, and I was so obsessed with the spice girls it was un-real, although the first album I ever bought was Wonderwall by Oasis, cause well I was so cool!!

  12. OH MY GOODNESS! this list is amazing sooo many things, gell pens swaps! 'I'm telling miss' daisy print shoes from clarks and so many more. I love it! Half of this stuff I'd forgotten. When I get bored and end up on youtube I often end up searching for old shows like fun house and sooty!

    L x

  13. number 2 and 12 definitely take me back. also 13, but we were even worse, i remember someone telling me that their dad was a police man and he would arrest me if i was naughty! turns out he was actually a lollipop man. -x-

  14. Just been catching up with this and your birthday post, made me smile so much. This one especially :) I LOVE getting nostalgic about childhood, and getting all the old pictures out. I do remember watching the same films over and over again too. The Big Friendly Giant, Basil the Great Mouse Detective, and The Rescuers! :) Those three stick out in my mind the most. Oh when life was simple eh xxx

  15. in love with this post, bee! my sister, also nineteen, was overlooking too and was shouting in agreement with every single point you made. nostalgia everywhere!

  16. This is pure genius in a list. I ♥♥♥ it!

  17. This is such a sweet post. I used to pretend I was a spice girl and make up dances for the songs too! x

  18. So sweet!
    I love this list :)

  19. Wow I love the 90s nostalgia! Sticker earrings, gel pens and the spice girls were what life was all about :)
    Love this post

  20. Ah, this was lovely to read :) I get nostalgic quite often too because I hate the realities of adulthood :/
    Totes with you there on the gel pen/drug dealing stuff, and I apparently used to demand The Little Mermaid everyday and used to sing: ah, ah, ahhhh! ah, ah, ahhhh! in front of the TV, haha.

    Rosie x

  21. I remember performing Spice Girls songs practically everywhere!

  22. Ahhh spice girls! I used to 'try, to be baby spice lol. Great post btw :)

  23. Loved this post :)

    Thank you for reminding me of the joy of sticker earrings - amazing!

    And I always remember one particular Summer, we had foreign students staying with us, & my sister & I were SO pleased that we finally had enough of us to actually BE The Spice Girls. Oh yes, we made those poor students dress up & learn our routines. Brilliant.

  24. Number 5 happened last week didn't it? ;)

    I adored this post & you were the cutest kid! I went through a period of watching Grease 2 or Lion King 2 on a daily basis after school, clearly I had a thing for terrible sequels. Getting older is terrifying.


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