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The Writer Tag

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I often get questions about writing and yet I don't really have a post dedicated to just that so I have attempted to compile a tag using your questions, my own, and others that I found on the internet, in the vain hope that it will prove to be useful. If you've got any further questions, fire them at me. If you'd like to do this tag yourself, feel free! 

1. what do you write? what genre? any reoccurring themes? 
I tend to write a little bit of most things - be it prose, poetry, flash fiction, creative non-fiction - and I like the freedom it affords me. At the moment, I'm on a poetry kick. 

I wouldn't say I stick to a genre, as such, but my work tends to be about very real things with a fantastical lean. Re-occurring themes/images are mental health, loving something or someone with your entire being, and space. 

Inspiration seems to just hit me unexpectedly as opposed to being a thing that I know I can wake up via a person or a time of day or whatever. However, I am inspired by: the night sky, coastline, space travel, end of the world scenarios, botanical prints, Victorian categorization, and the contents of my own heart. 

3. where do you write, when and with what?
I write from anywhere, be it spread eagle on my bed, pen-to-paper in a supermarket carpark, finger-to-screen in a waiting room, or tapping away on my laptop. I would love to wax lyrical about an inspirational writing space that I adjourn to from early in the morning til late at night, where I use the same type of pen every day on the same type of paper, but that's not the case. I do, however, have a specific soft cover aquamarine Moleskine that I presently write in.

4.  sound or silence when writing? 
Sound, always. I think. I don't deal well with silence. I'm one of those people that will try to fill every silence they can find with sprawling anecdotes, little coughs or singing. I tend to pop on some music, usually something ambient, and just see where it takes me. Tycho's last couple of albums are usually my go-to's for writing.

I have an undergraduate degree in English with Creative Writing. I, of course, don't feel as if you have to go to university to learn. Writing is a very personal craft and I think it's up to you as an individual to work out your own path. I did, however, really enjoy my degree and it gave me many tools to work with. It also helped my confidence and introduced me to whole new worlds of literature and creative thinking that I had never really considered before. It's not the easiest of things to study because writing, and what makes a piece of writing good, is very subjective but I'm glad I did it. 

 I shared some tips on studying a creative writing degree a while back so check that out if its of use to you. 

writer bloggers uk

6. what do your family / friends think? 
My little network are all very supportive of me and my writing. I don't think a lot of them actually read it, or if they do they feel a bit lost because they aren't particularly literary, but they are supportive of what I want to do and believe in me. Luke, however, often reads what I write and I find it really useful to have his perspective. 

7. what do you find challenging? 
I think finding a writing routine that works for me is one of the things that I find most challenging. As I said earlier, I don't have a Romantic set up when it comes to writing and it's not really something I'm looking for right now but I would like to have more of a structure. Maybe I will trial a new writing routine and bring you guys along for the ride...Eyes peeled, pals!

8. what's your favourite thing about writing?
Being able to read over something that I've written, particularly if I've struggled with the final edit, and feel proud of it and happy for it to then be shared with others. There's no better feeling. 

9. any tips for writers block?
Writer's block is rough. I have 3 things that I usually resort to when stuck: 

one. take time away from what I'm writing because pushing it does not help 
two. read lots, watch lots and immerse myself in as many other worlds as possible 
three. set myself the challenge of writing a page a day of poetry - no matter how awful - because it helps to get the brain ticking 

My life long goals are to have published a menagerie of things, from a children's book to a poetry collection. Rest of the year wise, I'm hoping to finish my poetry collection entitled Panacea

That hopefully covers everything! If you do, however, have any further questions regarding writing then do ask away and I will endeavor to respond with something vaguely helpful. And, of course, I tag anyone that wants to do this themselves.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Office: Top 10 Episodes

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The Office, US as opposed to UK, is my favourite TV show of all time and, as this is a space where I share my passions, I have decided to bin what little dignity I have left in order to dress as Prison Mike and share some of my favourite episodes with you. Spy the Prison Mike pin on my jacket from Heartificial

There are a lot of episodes that I would've liked to have mentioned on top of the ones that I have featured but I've restricted myself to the following 10. If your favourite isn't included, do tell me in the comments which ones you'd have shared and why! I've missed out some of the bigguns so I imagine a lot of you will be disgruntled! This post does contain spoilers as to what happens in the episodes that I've picked so do keep that in mind. And if you've yet to watch the show, make it your aim to watch it before the summer is through! It is so worth it.

stress relief s5
Dwight's too-releastic fire alarm gives Stanley a heart attack. When he returns, Michael learns that he is the cause of Stanley's stress. To remedy the situation, he forces the office to throw a roast for him.

Watch Stress Relief, I'm counting both parts as a whole, and tell me that it isn't the funniest episode of The Office of all time. Between the opening fire drill, Dwight wearing the face of the First Aid doll, and the Roast of Michael Scott, it is an absolute corker. I have absolutely no idea how the cast and crew filmed it without collapsing every single second. Despite this episode being five seasons in, I always recommend it to people wanting to introduce their friends / family to the show because it just encapsulates everything great about it. Altogether now, numma numma numma numma numma nuh, stayin alive, stayin alive!

MICHAEL SCOTT: 'Jim, you're 6'11", and you weight 90 pounds. Gumby has a better body than you. Boom. Roasted. Dwight, you're a kiss-ass. Boom. Roasted. Pam, you failed art school. Boom. Roasted. Meredith, you've slept with so many guys you're starting to look like one. Boom. Roasted. Kevin, I can't decide between a fat joke and dumb joke. Boom. Roasted. Creed, your teeth called, your breath stinks. Boom. Roasted. Angela, where's Angela? Well, there you are. I didn't see you behind that grain of rice. Boom. Roasted. Stanley, you crush your wife during sex and your heart sucks. Boom. Roasted...Oscar, you're gay...Andy, Cornell called. They think you suck and you're gayer than Oscar. Boom. Roasted'

the injury S2
Michael's "injury" from a George Foreman Grill distracts the staff from Dwight, the one with the real injury.

If ever there was an episode that explains everything you need to know about Michael Gary Scott, it is present right here. I can only applaud the writers for the ways in which they used Michael as a vessel to explore ignorant attitudes towards issues such as racism, ableism and mental health, across the show. Michael's lecture on what it is to be disabled after accidentally grilling his foot on a George Foreman Grill is just stunning. I could not love it more.

billy merchant: 'Hey everyone, I'm Billy Merchant, you may have seen me around here before, I'm the properties manager of this office park'  
MICHAEL SCOTT: 'You are so brave. You are so brave'
BILLY MERCHANT: 'Thank you. Actually, I've been meaning to come by here for a long time...'
MICHAEL SCOTT: 'But it's hard for you! Right? Because you're in a wheelchair. 
BILLY MERCHANT: 'No. I just have a lot of properties to manage'
MICHAEL SCOTT: 'Let me ask you something, how long does it take for you to do something simple, every day, like brush your teeth in the morning?'
 BILLY MERCHANT: 'I don't know, like 30 seconds?'
MICHAEL SCOTT: 'Oh my God, that's three times as long as it takes me' 

fun run S4
Michael accidentally runs over Meredith in the parking lot, and his guilt causes him to organise a 5k run for her. Dwight and Angela have a falling-out after he kills her cat, and Jam and Pam's relationship is discovered.

Everything goes on in Fun Run. Michael runs over Meredith, Dwight kills Sprinkles and everyone (well, nearly everyone) participates in Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure. This episode is so silly and that's what I love about it. Also, it sees the beginning of Jam sooo...

MICHAEL SCOTT: 'You don't know me...You've just seen my penis'

the dundies S2
Very much unlike his staff, an overeager Michael can't wait for this year's annual Dundies awards.

The Dundies is such a heart warming episode, despite its ridiculousness, because it's where we start to realise how much Michael genuinely cares about his employees, and it's almost as much as he loves appropriating songs like Tiny Dancer. It's the first time we see Pam really seek out and stand up for her own happiness and that brings me to another of my favourite episodes...

pam beasley: 'I feel God in this Chilli's tonight...'

beach games  s3
Michael uses 'beach day' at Dunder Mifflin to find out which employee would be his most capable replacement, just in case he receives the promotion to the New York office that he's applied for.

I'm gonna try and not get on my soapbox here but I have a habit of doing so every time I watch this episode so I cannot make any promises. Ironically exempt from the day's tasks designed to find Michael's replacement, Pam really steps up in this episode and is the only employee that even remotely displays the qualities of a great leader. Up until this point, we've seen her be quite a passive figure. However, spurred on by the fire walk, we see Pam speak for her happiness and for the things that she wants in life and that's a huge thing for someone who is essentially in an abusive relationship. I cannot help but harp on about Beach Games. Sorry not sorry. 

kevin malone: 'I just wanna lie on the beach and eat hot dogs. That's all I've ever wanted'

the office best moments uk lifestyle bloggers vivatramp

Michael's off colour remark puts a sensitivity trainer in the office for a presentation, which prompts Michael to create his own.

Diversity Day is the first episode where the show really comes into its own as the pilot very much followed that of the UK version. It signals the kind of big topics that the writers wanted to discuss through the lens of a group of employees at a small paper company and it does so with perfect results. You get to see the cast begin to form the chemistry that drives the show and it still holds up as one of the funniest episodes for me.

KEVIN MALONE: '[In an Italian accent] ...maybe some spaghetti'

the convict S3
Michael learns that one of the new employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton has a criminal record. Meanwhile, Jim helps Andy make a move on Pam. 

Michael will go to the ends of the earth to prove a point and the introduction of yet another of his alter egos, Prison Mike, further cements that idea. Great stuff.

michael scott: 'Close your eyes. Picture a convict. What's he wearing? Nothing special - baseball cap on backward, baggy pants. He says something ordinary like, "Yo, that's shizzle". Okay, now slowly open your eyes again. Who are you picturing? A black man? Wrong. That was a white woman. Suprised? Well, shame on you' 

drug testing | S2
Dwight plays the role of Volunteer Sherrif after finding half a joint in the parking lot leading to an investigation. 

An episode that asks us whether or not we find doing alcohol cool, Drug Testing isn't just about lighthearted humour. It comes with sobering warnings on the perils of drug abuse. May none of us ever forget that this year more parents will do cocaine than will read to their children...Haunting.

dwight schrute: ''Oscar visited Mexico when he was five to attend his great grandmother's funeral. What does that mean to a United States law enforcement officer? ...He's a potential drug mule'

safety training | S3
Andy returns to the office after weeks of anger management training, determined to make a fresh start with all the Dunder Mifflin employees. Meanwhile, it's safety training day in the office, and Michael and Dwight are on a mission to illuminate the dangers of the workplace.

In this episode, Michael prepares to jump from the top of Dunder Mifflin to prove that the office environment is just as dangerous as the warehouse. I just...can't.

MICHAEL SCOTT: 'Baler? I hardly know 'er'  

finale | S9
One year later, Dunder Mifflin employees past and present reunite for a panel discussion about the documentary and to attend Dwight and Angela's wedding.

So many television shows, particularly those with a long run, really struggle to end in a way that feels fulfilling for the viewer. The Office, in my opinion, ended in a pretty perfect way. It tied up loose ends, respected the context of not only ending the show but ending the documentary, and was well balanced in its humour and its warmth. A perfect end to a pretty perfect show. 

andy bernard: 'I wish there was a way to know you're in '"the good old days", before you've actually left them'.  

There are so many more episodes that I could have included and that's a testament to this show. It's stunning. What are your favourite episodes of The Office or, alternatively, what TV show would you recommend that I watch next? 

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Saturday, 20 August 2016


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I'm forever going on and on about my current favourite things in various Whatsapp and irl conversations so I thought I may as well share some of those favourites with you on Vivatramp every now and again, if you'd like, in the hope that you may be able to recommend me wonderful things off the back of them. 

I'm entirely self-serving. You should know that by now...

kate moss for rimmel lipstick boho nudekate moss rimmel boho nude swatch bbloggers beauty bloggers vivatramp

rimmel lipstick in 'boho nude'

Everyone and their dog has been wearing nude lipsticks lately and so I thought I'd do away with my usual pink and coral tones and give a more neutral look a go. And pals, I'm really enjoying it! This is the first of the nudes that I purchased - one of the new Kate Moss for Rimmel anniversary lipsticks in 'Boho Nude'. I was actually after the other nudes in the collection but this one looks just as pretty on so there are no complaints from me. I think it works particularly well with my blue eyes and my eternal love of bronzer. I've been wearing a lot of liquid lipsticks of late so it's nice to have this more moisturising option to hand. What are we thinking? 

stranger things what to watch on netflix lifestyle bloggers in the uk

stranger things

Stranger Things has become a phenomenon, of sorts, so it was only right that Luke and I got on board as soon as it hit Netflix. The hype is entirely warranted. The children are perfectly cast and hugely talented, the tone is consistent and the horror well measured, and the soundtrack is fantastic. We are definitely going to give it a re-watch and I am living for the day they announce a second series! 

If you've yet to dip your toes in, Stranger Things is a new-to-Netflix supernatural horror TV show about a group of people that have to confront terrifying forces when a young boy goes missing. If you've time to spare, hold a marathon. Don't forget a cushion to peek out from because it is genuinely terrifying at times.

uk lifestyle bloggers vivatramp

cat mug

I'm of the belief that mugs, glasses, all receptacles really, should be bowl-sized or at least sizeable enough for one to rest comfortably in the knowledge that they won't have to get up for a refill for at least two hours. 

This mug that I bought a year ago from Anthropologie continues to be the perfect mug - bowlesque, pastel pink and adorned with cats. If pastel pink isn't really your bag, they have you covered with pastel blue or midnight blue options. Pretty perfect gift too if you ask me.

life itself by glass animals 

Glass Animals are a band from Oxford and they're back with a new album, How To Be A Human Being, and the first track that they've released is entitled 'Life Itself'. I have been playing it on repeat for the past few weeks and I am still yet to get sick of it. If you've yet to listen to Glass Animals, they kinda sound like the band Wild Beasts taking a tumble in your old primary school's instruments cupboard. Give it a go.

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blogosphere magazine* 

Magazines are, largely, a thing of the past for me. Long gone are the days where I would rock up at the supermarket after school on a Wednesday to buy the latest installment of Kerrang. However, it's something that I am slowly getting back into. I am featured in the latest edition of Blogosphere Magazine, in the lifestyle edit, that you can purchase online or via the stockists listed on the website, and I am hugely proud to be included in such a well-produced magazine. This edition features lots of blogs for you to browse through, tips for blogging on a budget, musings on blogger friendships and much more. 

Thank you Blogosphere Magazine for existing and for creating a further sense of community, and thank you Becky for deciding to feature me. 


I really enjoy diving into niche areas of Youtube and, at the moment, one of my most-visited areas is Sims Lets Builds. If I'm doing a bit of housework, or want to watch something before bed, I turn to Maddy's Sims youtube channel and the like for background viewing. I just love the creativity of the builds that I've viewed so far, from treehouses to glass nightclubs, from elaborate gardens to teeny lakehouses. I'll never make a square bungalow again, that's for sure!

And those are just a few of my current favourites! Do you have anything to recommend me based on the aforementioned favourites? Alternatively, I'd love to know 3 things that you're currently loving in the comments below! Or, you can tweet me @vivatramp. Carrier pigeons presently not accepted.

*This post contains an affiliate link for Blogosphere Magazine. This means that if you click that link and buy yourself a copy, I will receive a commission. My opinions on the magazine are mine and mine only and I've featured it of my own accord because I genuinely think it is a bloody good magazine.

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